【OTER Organic Makes its Mark in the North American Market, Bringing Taiwan’s Organic Delights to Consumers】

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NEW TAIPEI CITY, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Taiwanese organic food brand, CHENG YUAN ORGANIC CO., LTD.’s OTER Organic, has announced its expansion into the North American organic food market. As the initial step in this venture, the brand is introducing a carefully crafted range of organic breakfast beverages, aiming to provide consumers with a wholesome organic experience as the winter chill approaches.

This brand-new assortment of organic powder form beverages not only offers a convenient breakfast choice but also blends various distinctive ingredients to provide consumers with a delightful and nutritious experience:

Organic Green Juice Multi Cereal Milk: This product features non-GMO organic soybeans, organic oats, organic sugar, and organic brown rice. It features Taiwan’s organic Ashitaba and New Zealand’s organic barley grass powder, resulting in a rich source of dietary fiber, creating a fresh and healthy organic experience.

Organic Red Quinoa Cereal Milk: This product harmoniously combines organic grains with the nutritional richness of red quinoa, providing consumers with a comprehensive organic nutritional supplement and a delicious breakfast option.

Organic Apricot Kernel Drink–No Sugar Added: Completely free of added sugars, this beverage comprises organic oats, non-GMO soybeans, organic black beans, and organic brown rice, delivering a refreshing almond flavor for a delightful organic experience.

Organic Black Sesame Paste: Carefully selected whole black sesame seeds, unrefined by oil extraction, are combined with a multi-grain formula, crafting a rich flavor without any added modified starch or edible gum.

Behind these outstanding products is OTER Organic, a brand steadfast in its belief in the importance of organic, real, and additive-free ingredients. OTER Organic’s founder, Wu Mingqian, embarked on a profound journey when exploring the world of organic food, revealing the opaqueness of food labeling and the ambiguity of ingredients. He discovered that many products in the market were laden with unidentifiable chemical components. Some products even claimed to be juices while containing less than 10% actual fruit content. The flavors he once cherished turned out to be illusions created by synthetic enhancers.

Wu Mingqian expressed his astonishment, saying, “I can’t help but feel that our taste buds have been cultivated by these additives.”

In light of this eye-opening truth, Wu Mingqian embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the essence and significance of “food.” His mission is clear: to provide consumers with more than just “genuine, real ingredients.” OTER Organic embodies this commitment.

At the core of OTER Organic’s philosophy is an unwavering belief in organic, real, and additive-free ingredients. During the early stages of the brand’s establishment, Wu Mingqian traveled the world in search of the finest organic and natural grains, firmly convinced of the critical importance of “clean ingredients” for genuine health. To uphold this principle, all imported materials undergo rigorous third-party testing. In some cases, if materials fail to meet OTER‘s stringent standards and suppliers refuse to take responsibility, entire shipments of grains are rejected, resulting in losses worth millions of dollars. Nevertheless, Wu Mingqian remains resolute, stating, “This path is undoubtedly challenging, but it is the right one. I will persevere.”

Just like the golden butterfly in OTER Organic’s emblem, growth thrives only in a pure and environmentally conscious setting. This butterfly symbolizes OTER Organic’s commitment to providing consumers with “real organic, authentic ingredients.” This is what individuals who genuinely care about the environment and their health anticipate. Over two decades, Wu Mingqian and OTER Organic’s commitment remains unchanged, continuing to leave a profound impact in the world of organic food.

OTER Organic, proudly crafted in Taiwan, globally handpicked. This is not only our promise but also our mission to create an organic experience for you.

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