10 Beautifully Designed Portfolio Websites that Tell a Story

Regular portfolio design typically focuses on showcasing your work, skills, and experience in a straightforward and informative manner. In contrast, portfolio storytelling adds a layer of narrative to the presentation. The focus is not only on showcasing your work but also on creating an engaging experience.

The goal is to take any potential client on a journey, leading them through your thought process, creative journey, and perhaps even your design philosophy. It allows you to showcase your work in an informative and entertaining way, creating a deeper connection between clients and your personal brand.

The use of storytelling techniques can vary, from immersive and interactive experiences to more traditional and straightforward narratives. It ultimately depends on your design style and your goals.

When done well, like the ten examples we have for you below, storytelling in portfolio design can make a powerful impact on visitors and leave a memorable impression.

Niccolo Miranda

Through his unique and imaginative illustrations, Niccolo Miranda’s portfolio invites you into an animated low-tech newspaper world. Despite being a relatively small website, with just three pages, the homepage and presentation of the designer’s work and personal brand are nothing short of beautiful.

Niccolo’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his portfolio, making it a delightful storytelling experience.

Niccolo Miranda - Storytelling in Portfolio Design


Fishfinger is renowned for their vibrant, colorful, and cartoonish website designs. Their design team has poured their heart and soul into every aspect of their projects, and it shows.

From the intricate details to the well-thought-out layout, every element of their portfolio has been meticulously crafted. The sheer joy and positivity that radiate from their designs are truly remarkable, making Fishfinger a standout in the world of web design.

Fishfinger - Storytelling in Portfolio Design

Digital Meal

Digital Meal’s portfolio is a masterpiece of fully illustrated design that creatively showcases the agency’s expertise. The theme of their website is unusual, blending elements of Minecraft, retro gaming, and cosmic aesthetics. The result is a skillful and exciting mixture of quirky design, brutalism, and storytelling that is truly captivating.

Digital Meal - Storytelling in Portfolio Design


Sido’s portfolio is an excellent example of gamification in storytelling. It’s a classic browser adventure game that lets you explore the universe and learn about the designer.

The level of detail in the game mechanics and world-building is impressive, resulting in an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates portfolio design with storytelling and gameplay.

Sido - Storytelling in Portfolio Design

Jeremi Walewicz

Jeremi Walewicz has crafted an impressive personal portfolio. The “Briefing” section is particularly noteworthy, with a Star Wars-like quality that draws you in and makes you feel fully immersed.

This unique portfolio is so well-crafted that you can’t help but trust in the skills of the designer.

Jeremi Walewicz - Storytelling in Portfolio Design

Dara Sami

Dara Sami’s portfolio is another example of game-based storytelling. The plot revolves around a game developer and takes you on an interactive journey that invites you to explore more.

By hovering over objects, you will discover interesting tidbits about the designer. The result is a highly engaging and immersive experience that perfectly showcases Dara’s talents and creativity.

Dara Sami - Storytelling in Portfolio Design

Hey, I’m Phil

Phillip Pastore has taken the concept of a personal portfolio as a storytelling experience to a new level. His website has just one page with a relatively short biography, but it’s worth exploring. The text includes underlined links that, upon hovering, reveal more information and accompanying visual material. It’s a refreshing change from traditional personal portfolio design.

Hey, I'm Phil - Storytelling in Portfolio Design

Mariano Pascual / Erik Bernacchi

Mariano Pascual and Erik Bernacchi have taken a unique perspective on the storytelling experience, eschewing the traditional portfolio approach in favor of an honest and raw aesthetic. Their portfolios have a 90s-style charisma with an authentic feel that adds to their charm.

Both designers tell their personal stories in a non-traditional way, inviting visitors to explore their world and learn more about their work.

Mariano Pascual - Storytelling in Portfolio Design

Erik Bernacchi - Storytelling in Portfolio Design


Moonfarmer’s website is a beautifully designed cosmic journey that perfectly reflects the company’s name and design style. The stunning space-related logo and illustrations set the tone for the entire site, which features sections such as “mission” and “crew,” each named as if they were from another world.

The navigation is easy to use and intuitive, guiding you through a small cosmic journey that showcases the company in the best possible “Moon-light.”

Moonfarmer - Storytelling in Portfolio Design

Storytelling: A Time-Tested Method

As you have seen, the storytelling narrative can be structured around a particular theme or storyline, using elements such as character development, plot progression, and conflict resolution. The goal is to make your work more memorable and compelling by framing it within a larger context or story.

By incorporating storytelling techniques into your next portfolio design, you will be able to create a truly unique and memorable experience for any new clients.

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