10 Matchless Logo Ideas for Viral Branding

Creating a memorable and timeless brand icon requires a lot of effort and brainstorming. Consider the example of any globally recognized logos here. Be it the golden arches of McDonald’s or the iconic symbol of Apple, the designs connect with the audience everywhere. This is how a matchless logo can make a brand go viral in a short time. People across the world are able to recognize the icon and associate it with the company or its products or services.

The design elements such as colors, fonts, and symbols have a huge role to play in the success of a brand symbol. Other than that, it’s also about how and where you end up using the logo design to building recognition and awareness. For instance, if you are launching an e-commerce platform, you need to incorporate the brand symbol within the website, social media pages, and email campaigns.

In the end, it’s important to keep in mind that the logo is at the center of viral branding. When people are able to recognize the symbol immediately, they will be most likely to remember the business or your products and services. Here are some matchless logo ideas for viral branding.

1. Glitch Effect Logo

If you consider the past few years, this is one of the most popular logo designs to go viral. The video-sharing app was launched in 2016, and it quickly got the attention of both Gen Z and millennials. By 2020, TikTok had been downloaded by over two billion users across the globe. The brand has grown very quickly since its introduction, and its logo has and continues to make a strong impact on the audience.

It is quite unique and features three prominent colors that create a glitch effect on the musical symbol. The brand icon manages to grab the attention of youngsters instantly and is one of the biggest reasons behind the viral branding of the platform. Tiktok uses the musical icon for its social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. The brand has a following of more than 20 million on both platforms.

It is also featured in promotional videos that appeal to a younger audience. This logo also appears on the website and different digital mediums to increase the brand’s virality.

Tip for Viral Branding: You can go with a similar effect in a logo for an app or e-commerce platform. In the tech industry, such designs could help you create a viral campaign and connect with the audience quickly.

TikTok Logo
Image Source: wikipedia.org

2. Simple Wordmark

By now, you must be very familiar with the logo icon of Uber. This app was created in 2009 and marketed as one that could make transportation easier for people. Today, the brand has expanded to include food and cargo delivery as well. Through the years, this company has made some changes to its logo design. In 2018, the new icon that is still being used today was launched. You might even be able to recall the previous symbol that represented the movement in a unique way.

Currently, the brand has a minimalist wordmark that appears in white against a black background. Before this, the old logo attracted a lot of attention for sending a confusing message to the audience. There were endless debates about what the square in the circle represented.

The company soon announced a rebrand and introduced the wordmark that appears futuristic and versatile. It highlights how the company is moving forward and reaching out to its audience. With all the lowercase letters, it also appears friendly and trustworthy as well. Uber created a viral branding campaign on social media networks and with video promotions. The new logo was at the center of its strategy and made a positive impression on the audience instantly.

People shared the design on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and many were happy that Uber removed the confusing icon.

Tip for Viral Branding: A simple wordmark with a light and dark color scheme could make your brand symbol go viral in a short time. You can consider an abstract icon or a letter mark to pair with it too.

Uber Logo
Image Source: wikipedia.org

3. Abstract Shapes Logo

In the past two years, this is one brand that has gained global recognition. The communication platform was launched in 2013 and has become one of the most commonly used apps for professionals today. In 2019, this company announced a few changes to its logo design to make it appear modern and flexible as well.

The abstract icon and purple background made the brand symbol stand out immediately. While Slack includes the color in its digital branding elements across the website and social media accounts, it has been removed from the logo. With its multi-color palette and clean wordmark, this logo became the talk of the town and helped the brand gain global recognition.

When the new design was launched, a few people saw it in print and thought that there was a mistake in publishing. The change began trending quickly and received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Some thought that it had improved and was cleaner than the previous logo. The company officially explained the rebranding in their blog on the website and the reason for upgrading too.

Their branding campaign started with print where the redesign was introduced to the audience. Soon, the company announced on its website and created an effective campaign with the blog, video marketing, and application.

Tip for Viral Branding: Make your logo the talk of the town by choosing interesting shapes or meaningful symbols to create a viral branding campaign! You can combine different colors (Google has done it) to make the symbol appear unique.

Slack Logo
Image Source: wikipedia.org

4. Pictorial Logo

This is one logo that cannot be missed anywhere. Chances are that everyone you know uses the app to communicate with friends, family members, and clients across the globe. The logo design quickly became viral when the app was launched in 2009. This design is quite simple and clear-cut from the beginning. With a speech bubble that includes a telephone, the logo conveys its message immediately.

Its green and white color palette has helped the company gain recognition among all its competitors. The brand symbol played an important part in the marketing and promotion of the app during the early days. It was mainly promoted via the application, videos, and word-of-mouth marketing as well.

People connected with the logo design instantly and it made it easier to download and recognize the application anywhere.

Tip for Viral Branding: You can opt for an icon or symbol that immediately tells people what the company has to offer them. Sometimes, it’s best to keep the design or elements simple to attract the audience.

WhatsApp Logo
Image Source: wikipedia.org

5. Gradient Logo Colors

The project management platform probably has one of the most viral logos in recent years. It features unique gradients that make the circles prominent above the clean wordmark. The design represents collaboration and communication.

One of the reasons why the brand has become so recognizable in a short time is the minimalist logo. It has created recognition around the world and gained the attention of professionals across different sectors. Asana has used the logo on its website and promoted it via blogs and on social media networks as well. The company immediately stood out in the industry with its choice of gradient and circular shapes.

It represents a collaboration between teams and is designed to make people excited about work. The audience has a positive response to the logo as it is unique and highlights the brand values too.

Tip for Viral Branding: You can go with friendly shapes in your logo and experiment with colors to make a good impression on the viewer. Make sure that it sends out the right message from the beginning.

Asana Logo
Image Source: wikipedia.org

Some Other Matchless Logo Ideas for Viral Branding

Given the popular logos above, let’s take a look at a few impressive symbols that have helped small and mid-range businesses create awareness successfully.

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6. Shadow Effect Logo

You can consider this idea for your business platform and catch the eye of your target audience in seconds. This is an interesting logo that can be used across the website, on the application, and in short videos to create awareness within the audience. The logo is trendy and could help the brand go viral quickly. It is likely to connect more with a younger customer base and make your website or app popular in a short time.

Tip for Viral Branding: Consider going with a shadow or glitch effect (like TikTok) to create a hip and trendy design that appeals to people everywhere.

Im Promptu Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

7. Impressive Wordmark

If you want to choose a simple and appealing icon, this wordmark could help inspire your logo design. The powerful logo keeps the attention on the company name and makes it easier for people to recognize it within seconds. This can look great on business cards, stationery, merchandise, websites, and social media networks. You could easily grab the attention of people with this wordmark and create a viral branding campaign with video marketing, emails or newsletters, and sponsored ads too.

Tip for Viral Branding: Follow the ‘less is more’ rule for your logo design and get the audience talking about your company in no time!

Roitel Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

8. Abstract Icon

This is another matchless logo idea for viral branding that could help your company gain recognition quickly. The abstract icon is featured with a modern wordmark and a descriptive tagline as well. When it comes to virality in branding, there are many ways that you could make an impact with the logo. For the application, you could only use the infinity symbol as it also represents the name too. The wordmark and icon can appear on the website, social media pages, and print materials.

Tip For Viral Branding: You can go with an innovative design that sends a message with the symbol and wordmark. More people will be likely to share the logo and promote your brand among their followers too.

Comeback Queen Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

9. Gradients in Logo

You might find this logo design similar to Asana’s symbol. The color gradients instantly draw attention and can get people thinking about the brand later on too. The palette might also remind you of another matchless logo that took over the internet when it was launched. Instagram’s iconic symbol is known for its gradient and is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the app. You cannot miss it when scrolling through your phone anytime!

Tip for Viral Branding: Take inspiration from such logos and choose a memorable gradient for your brand symbol to generate interest within the audience. You might just get people talking or debating over the logo as well.

Platform E2E Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

10. Modern Logo

It is quite a unique logo idea that could make your brand go viral. This design makes an impact on the audience with its elements. The symbol tells people about the brand and the industry but also maintains a certain mystery. It can certainly make people think about the message and start a few discussions too.

Tip for Viral Branding: You can choose a relevant symbol and striking color combination that can be used without a wordmark or lettermark. This could work well in videos, applications, and various digital marketing channels.

UCStrategies Logo Phase II Logo
Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

Wrapping Up

These are some matchless logo ideas for viral branding that could help inspire your timeless design. If you are looking to get one for your brand, you can consider launching a logo design contest and picking a winning symbol.

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