10 Tips to design a quality newsletter that boosts sales and revenue

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Do you send email newsletters to your subscribers? If not, send one. A newsletter is the ultimate email marketing tool to promote your products and services and drive traffic to your website. In this blog, you’ll learn everything about the newsletter and its marketing strategies. You can use the tips shared here to boost your email marketing success rate.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a type of email that marketers send to customers to inform and update the customers about their products, services, discounts, and launches. 

You can such informative emails to your subscribers periodically to keep them engaged with your brand. The newsletter strategies typically have the latest news, updates, and tips about the relevant products or services. It also highlights the latest developments in the brand’s company and industry.  

Almost all businesses use newsletters as a tool to market their products or services, you can too. You can use it as a way to engage subscribers and share valuable information with them. 

How to design a quality newsletter that boosts sales and revenue

While designing your newsletter, focus on its layout and provide helpful content related to your products or services. Consider these tips for newsletter strategies:

01. Know your target audience

The first and foremost concern while designing your newsletter is knowing the audience. Find out who is likely to read your newsletter. Then, pick trending topics that resolve their problems regarding your business’s products or services. That helps build the credibility of your brand. 

So, find out what your target audience is interested in reading about. Figure out what topics are trending, and then discuss those problems in your newsletter. You should also survey to know which topics your subscribers are interested in. 

02. Define your business goals 

After you have decided whom you are going to send these newsletters to, find out what you want to achieve. Of course, your first priority would be to grow your brand, but that’s a long way to go. So, clear specific goals from the very beginning. This will help you track your progress easily. 

Consider whether you want to boost brand awareness, attract a group of dissatisfied customers, or want to promote your blog. When you define these goals in a structured way, it will help you analyze the effectiveness of your newsletters.

03. Incorporate third-party content 

A newsletter is not just about what topics and issues you want to discuss. It also incorporates third-party content to have a different or supportive point of view. Such content comes from the thought leaders of a relevant industry. That is the newsletter marketing strategy to make your newsletter and brand trustworthy for the users. 

Therefore, identify the influencers and experts of your industry. Then, include their tweets, quotes, websites, or book links in your newsletter. That will make your newsletter credible for the subscribers. Such an all-inclusive content policy makes a newsletter inspiring and helpful. 

04. Include content generated by users 

It would make your newsletter more engaging and interactive if it had a way to include content generated by users. That will give the readers a different perspective on an issue. So, consider using comments from your employees, users, and audience regarding a topic discussed in the newsletter. 

They can share their opinion about a product. You can take their opinion from their answers or comments on social media. This helps increase engagement in email-newsletter.

Many newsletters like Casper include their customers’ opinions in the newsletter. That is a way to give your newsletter a human touch. 

05. Discuss popular topics and events 

Ensure that your newsletter projects trending topics that have people in their minds. These topics relate to people in many ways. So, find out which subjects and events are currently trending. Then, bring your brand into the conversation. Not all newsletters are promotional in nature. Some should provide informative content and value to the subscribers. 

You can add tips, tricks, and other content that’s relevant. Discussing BBQ tips for Graduation Day, celebration tips for Martyr’s Day, and Gift ideas for Mother’s Day or such events builds credibility. When these events are just a few weeks away, you can devise your newsletter strategy accordingly.

Take, for example, this newsletter from John Lewis. Readers get a clear Mother’s Day message about gift ideas. The brand informs the customers about what gifts would be best for their mom. Since the topic is something that everyone can relate to, there is no doubt that the subscribers don’t mind clicking and visiting the link of each idea shared in it. 

06. Explore social media

Social media is among the effective channels people use to engage and interact with the world. You can mention your newsletter’s topics on social media to generate interest. That helps build some buzz around it. 

Use Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms to discuss your newsletter’s topics. Tell about what the users can expect in the newsletter and why they should subscribe. 

Social media is also your market research tool to know what people want to know about these days related to your business and industry. You can use this platform to enhance the quality of your newsletter content.

Alternatively, you can use social proofs in your newsletter to make it more convincing, engaging, and effective. 

You can take example from Mention’s way of promoting its newsletter on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best platforms to discuss the upcoming newsletter topic. 

07. Make the layout user-friendly

The best thing about email marketing is that you can choose from hundreds of newsletter templates. Or, you can design one using various tools. The template gives you an idea of the layout suitable for your content or topic. 

Choosing an appropriate layout enables users to navigate the newsletter easily. You can customize it with your brand color, typography, and other elements for visual consistency. 

The layout should provide a great balance between headspace, whitespace, and other organized content sections. A clean layout design will also help the readers engage with your newsletter topic.

08. Perform A/B testing

Do not finalize your newsletter design before performing A/B testing. Marketers sometimes casually write something as a subject line, which may not be the best. The subject line should compel readers to open the newsletter. 

Think of using a subject line and a pre-header and do A/B testing to find out if it works best. It would be good first to pick a few subject lines. Then, see which one earns a higher open rate. Whichever subject line passes the test should be chosen as the line for the remaining subscribers of the newsletter. 

09. Segment your subscribers  

Not all subscribers have the same interest. Some may like one topic, but others may like something different. So, it’s essential to segment your subscribers. Segmentation refers to dividing customers based on similar interests or characteristics for a more personalized interest.

Consider the customers’ demographics and user behavior for email segmentation. You can choose a trustworthy marketing tool to do so. Take inspiration from Netflix’s newsletters which are highly customized to its customers segments. 

10. Incorporate a creative call to action

A call to action is a part of a newsletter design. The CTA such as ‘’sign up.’’, ‘’buy now’’, and ‘’learn more’’. After the readers review your content and topics, they might think of taking the desired action. So, provide the CTA button at the right places on the pages of your newsletter. 

But personalize the CTA button such as ‘’Sign me up. ” Such a button encourages the readers to click on it. Add some fun elements as well, such as a button that may say ‘‘’I’m in!’’ or ‘’Send my reward!’’ are captivating. 

These are the major considerations to follow when designing your newsletter. Pay heed to each point. Make a layout that best helps readers to access information quickly. Only such a newsletter will leave a good first impression on your business and its offerings. 

Don’t forget to use your logo design, color scheme, and typography in your newsletter for a cohesive look and feel. 

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Wrapping Up 

Newsletters are essential emails through which you can update your customers about relevant information, product launches, content, and other services. For an effective campaign, the newsletter design plays a pivotal role. The content also plays a crucial role in engaging the recipients. Once you’re done with the designing, ensure you place your CTA strategically and run A/B testing for its effectiveness.

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