13 Best Commercial Invoice Templates For Your Business In 2024

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Are you a solopreneur or a well-established business owner? Invoice templates are required for all types of businesses — be it traveling, designing, trucking, or food and bar. But not all invoices are suitable. Your brand needs a commercial invoice with columns for pricing, products or services, quantities, etc. Missing any of this information may leave your clients confused. While there are free invoice templates available on the Web, knowing which one is suitable for your business is essential.

We have created a list of the 13 must-have commercial invoice templates for businesses. Before we discuss them one-by-one, let’s understand what actually it is.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is a legal, commercial document that a seller of products or services issues to a buyer. The document has the transaction details regarding a sale. So, the buyer learns about the product or service bought and its quantities. It also mentions the prices at which the sales transactions took place. 

Many templates are now available to the sellers. All they need to do is fill in the details about the sold products, price, quantities, etc., before sending it to the buyers. Most invoice templates come with pre-defined columns and details. You can customize those details to create your own invoice template and use it wherever required.  

13 Must-Have Commercial Invoice Templates For Your Business

As discussed earlier, here’s is a list of ideal invoice templates for your business and industry type. There are plenty of templates available, but not all of them may best suit your requirements, so we’ve filtered it out for you. You can use them or create professional invoices using a DIY tool.

Let’s check it out.

Designhill invoice templates

Designhill is a renowned marketplace for businesses and graphic designers. It also provides several commercial invoice templates available for free downloads. These are easy-to-use printable templates that you can personalize when making yours. Just pick any suitable free invoice template that meets your billing requirements, customize, and download.

If it feels challenging, you can go through their guide on how to create your own invoice templates and make one.

You can make your invoice based on your company logo and brand-specific color palette. When everything is in synch, it will give a cohesive appearance.

01. Professional Invoice Template

Source: Freshbooks.com

If you need a simple invoice with no heavy columns or clutters, this is worth your consideration. Its simple design allows for quickly inserting your details. You can include your logo and personalize the messages. This free invoice generator also lets you sync the message with automated emails.

02. Classic Design Invoice Template

Source: https://dribbble.com

It is an elegant and simple invoice example that you can use for ideas and inspiration. It will instantly highlight how much payment clients are expected to pay for a product or service. You can include your terms and conditions in the template to remind customers what they signed for.

The clean and clear look will help you understand every detail with ease.

03. Commercial Invoice Template

Source: hubspot.com

If your business sells different products and services, then a Commercial Invoice template might serve the purpose. It lets you have the space to mention your product origin and its manufacturing. When you make an invoice, you can also give your discount offers to your clients.

The users can also use the template’s note section to track invoice agreements. That will make tracking easier for your bookkeepers.

04. Blue Service Invoice Template

Source: hubspot.com

This service-based invoice template from HubSpot lets you include several services. It has plenty of space that allows for incorporating your business logo. You can also customize the invoice with your brand colors. Using this invoice creator lets you include invoice numbers for each invoice to track how many invoices you sent.

05. Sufio

Source: sufio.com

Suffio is a professionally created invoice template that you can customize easily to your requirements. Renowned graphic designers designed this template for the Shopify invoicing app. So, if you don’t know how to create an invoice for tech, apparel, and beauty businesses, this template gives you a quick solution.  

06. Orange Standard Invoice Template

Source: hubspot.com

Orange Standard is another commercial invoice template from HubSpot you can easily edit. This invoice allows you to insert your brand logo in the top corner. You can add rows for different products or services in this sample invoice. The users also can wrap the text in different description rows. That allows for adding extra details about each product or service.

07. Minimalist Invoice Template

Source: creativemarket.com

This is a simple invoice template with a minimalist design for an easier invoicing approach. You can use it for both business and personal use. It lets you assign customer IDs to find out the invoice recipient for quick reporting.

08. Fabio Basile Invoice Template

Source: dribbble.com

Fabio Basile is another helpful commercial invoice template that is double-sided. Most invoice templates do not have this double-sided feature. That helps in customizing invoices for each client. Even if you don’t know how to write an invoice, its accessible features let you enter every required detail.

09. Green Shipping Invoice Template

Source: hubspot.com

This commercial invoice template is dedicated to shipping-based services and is ideal for maintaining goods that need transportation. The template allows you to include the product quantity that you sold. You can also mention the product’s price and taxes for a detailed invoice.

10. Blue Minimal Standard Invoice Template

Source: hubspot.com

When in doubt about how to create an invoice, this is what you should consider. The Blue Minimal Standard is a minimalist commercial template that lets you invoice services in a simple way. There is the large ‘Notes’ column in the center where you can give details of your services. That helps in making the invoice description even more apparent. You can easily organize your notes.

11. Black and White Shipping Invoice Template

Source: hubspot.com

How about a basic grayscale commercial invoice template? This black-and-white shopping commercial invoice template will stand out due to its simple design with no distractions. There is no need here to put your logo and brand colors. It is an ideal template for shopping services. You can customize it further per your business requirements. 

12. JPW Templates

Source: www.etsy.com

This customs invoice template is specially designed for billing services. You can place a photograph or any other business element at the header. That will highlight the services you provide. The template can be personalized easily to give it a brand-specific look.

13. Retro Invoice Template

Source: creativemarket.com

If you are looking for retro templates from the ’80s, then this Retro Invoice can meet your requirements. It may look old-fashioned, but you may stand out with it. Opt for this template if your products and services are in line with a retro theme.

These are the top commercial invoice templates for businesses. Pick the template that best suits your invoicing requirements. You can choose and download a free invoice template, and get it printed on paper for further use.

If you need to create your own invoice template then use some time-tested invoice generator tools. These tools simplify invoicing for you.  

Wrapping Up

An invoice template allows you to quote your products or services you sell. These top invoice templates are simple in their presentation with different features. You can choose them based on your specific invoice requirements and business type.

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