17Sing APP’s “Battle for Song” Boasts a Formidable Judging Panel: Expectations for Contestants

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TAIPEI, Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since its initiation on November 28, 2023, 17Sing APP’s 40-day singing competition, “Battle for Song,” organized as part of the 2023 annual celebration, has been progressing with great enthusiasm. The inclusion of celebrity team leaders VChuan and Ting Hsiao Wen, along with judges Jamie Hsueh, Henry Hsu, and S. D. Lee, has stirred excitement among music enthusiasts and aspiring artists. For these individuals, the competition is more than just a singing contest; it represents a fusion of music, dreams, and social interaction, elevating the participants’ musical journeys to unprecedented heights.

17Sing APP has consistently embraced the brand philosophy of “cultivating dreams for new voices and creating a music-centric social platform.” The platform aims to convey that it transcends the label of a mere karaoke platform, serving as a gathering place for music enthusiasts and a harbor for dreamers. Over the years, it has not only provided numerous stages for showcasing talents but has also strengthened the bonds among users through a shared passion for music. The annual celebration features judges Jamie Hsueh, Henry Hsu, and S. D. Lee, providing a professional perspective to equip participants with valuable knowledge. The official team conducted interviews with the judges to extract insights into singing techniques that could be shared with 17Sing users.

In their interviews, judges Jamie Hsueh, Henry Hsu, and S. D. Lee underscored their shared philosophy, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, classics, and diversity in music. Jamie Hsueh stressed the emotive power that contestants should bring, Henry Hsu focused on the classical aspects of music and contestants’ ability to innovate, while S. D. Lee expressed an appreciation for diverse music styles. These shared values are in perfect harmony with the consistent brand philosophy of 17Sing APP.

The competition serves as a platform that seamlessly blends karaoke and social interaction, creating a space for music enthusiasts to explore, share, and connect. Jamie Hsueh, in particular, highlighted his desire for contestants to genuinely move the audience and interpret songs with unique emotions, emphasizing the importance of vocal characteristics, recognition, rhythmic accuracy, and a deep understanding of song content.

During the interview, Henry Hsu mentioned his admiration for works that combine commercial and creative elements while expressing musical emotions. He provided tips for contestants, emphasizing the importance of rhythm and breath control in natural ways, as well as practicing the differences between various intervals, such as whole tones, half-tones, and minor thirds.

S. D. Lee shared his passion for music, expressing expectations for diverse music styles. He encouraged contestants to showcase their uniqueness on stage and convey their musical ideas and emotions sincerely. This resonates with 17Sing’s vision of creating a music social platform where music becomes a language that connects hearts.

The slogan “Sing on 17Sing with your phone” reflects 17Sing’s belief that everyone should have the opportunity to showcase their musical talents. “Battle for Song” not only emphasizes musical prowess but also values the interpretation of musical emotions and personal stories by contestants. This aligns with the platform’s goal of creating a music social platform that provides users with a more intimate, enjoyable, and practical opportunity to pursue their musical dreams.


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