1951 Hoffmann: Among the Strangest Automobiles Ever Produced

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Without a doubt, the Hoffmann is among the strangest vehicles ever produced. Its design is unlike anything else, so much so that it cannot be compared.

Despite having a lot of oddities, like suicide doors, a linear shift pattern, rear-wheel steering, and an air-cooled engine placed in the back, the Hoffmann frequently overheated because there wasn’t enough airflow, especially when the engine was at idle.

h/t: vintag.es

In addition, the engine at the back of the vehicle was perched above the steering mechanism of the back wheel, which caused it to spin with the wheel, creating an almost hazardous sight.

Even with all of its shortcomings, Michael Hoffmann, the man behind this unique creation, deserves praise for his audacity in venturing into uncharted automotive territory that has never been seen before.

There was only ever one Hoffmann produced, and it is presently housed in the Lane Motor Museum collection in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States.


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