20 Best Free Lightroom Presets for Urban & Street Photography

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Urban and streetscape photography is a captivating style that allows photographers to capture the vibrant essence of cityscapes and scenic roads. They’re a dynamic and fun way to capture cityscapes, winding country roads, and everything in between. They stay in constant motion. And sadly, this can make capturing scenes perfectly a real challenge for photographers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to get it perfect in real time! That’s where street and urban Lightroom presets come in. If you’re not familiar, Lightroom presets allow you to apply the same stylistic edits to any photo, over and over. They lend a distinct look and feel to any image. And you can apply them with just a single click in Adobe Lightroom.

In this collection, we’ve gathered the best urban and street Lightroom presets for you. They span everything from rich, lush, colorful designs to stark, black-and-white imagery. They’re meant for photographers of any skill level. Again, that’s the beauty of presets. They’re amazingly easy to use and take only seconds to apply.

You’ll enjoy the time savings that come from applying the same edits again and again. Instead of adjusting settings manually, you can apply them all at once. This way, multiple photos from one shoot can instantly take on the same aesthetic and vibe.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the free presets below, and don’t forget to explore our other Adobe Lightroom preset collections below. You’ll find compelling effects for any photo theme.

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