2023 Best Modern Gifts Under $50

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Our under $50 gift guide is the Goldilocks version of the gift giving – that is, not too small yet not too expensive. It’s just right for surprising the design lover in your life with a gift that’s unique and unexpected, like an immortalized four-leaf clover or a mouth-blown vase the size of an egg. Below, we rounded up 10 gift ideas that won’t break the bank but will most likely have your recipient break out into a smile.

Glass Houses by Phaidon Press \ $47

We will always suggest a great design-centric coffee table book. It is one of those items that is always fail-safe for a design aficionado because it tends to be a welcomed addition to a growing collection. Just make sure its new owner doesn’t already have a copy! Glass Houses is stunning just by its beach glass-hued cover but open it up and you’ll learn more about iconic glass houses around the world, like Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and Pierre Koenig’s Case Study #22 House. Our personal favorite is a more recent build, the Glass-Block Micro House designed by Room+ Design & Build in Vietnam.

Squiggle Coaster Set by Verloop \ $26

Something fun and unexpected but useful and sustainable, these coasters are made of repurposed deadstock yarn to keep those pesky water rings off anyone’s coffee table.

Andy Warhol 12 Days of Puzzles Christmas Countdown by Galison \ $27

There is someone in your life who enjoys puzzles as much as they love art, and we bet you can name them right now. To bring them joy for 12 days straight, this advent calendar consists of 12 puzzles, each one containing 80 pieces, featuring Warhol’s Christmas paintings.

Go Pouch Set by Baggu \ $40

We’re always a fan of Baggu’s reusable bags and pouches because they’re always designing new patterns and colorways. These are great for compartmentalizing everything that goes inside a big tote bag. Plus, everyone loves a good stripe and these are no exception.

Hella Awkward Game \ $25

Gift this card game to your significant other or the friend who always hosts game night. Designed to foster meaningful conversations, the game consists of 140 questions across four categories – relationships, dating, sex, and real talk – that will help players get to know each other better. Yes, it will be “hella awkward” at times, but the best relationships push past that vulnerability in order to deepen the connection.

Filigrane Twist Short Tumbler by Pierrot Doremus \ $50

Your giftee might not expect this beautiful rainbow drinking glass but a little context might help them understand just how special it is. Each piece is mouth-blown using the Murano Filigrana technique from the 16th century, which is how the stripe pattern is made. Completely artisan-made, each tumbler is slightly different from another, making them a one-of-a-kind piece.

Welcome Gift Box by Canyon Coffee \ $40

Do you know someone who can gets excited about third-wave coffee? This coffee set from Los Angeles-based Canyon Coffee will definitely excite them then. Consisting of a bag of whole or ground coffee beans and a brilliant blue tote bag, it’ll delight their eyes and their tastebuds.

Tiny Vase Set by Rebecca Mapes \ $40

These days everyone has a shelf with storied objects and this set is a unique addition to that. Hand-blown in Santa Fe, New Mexico with glass produced in The Czech Republic, each tiny vase is about the size of an egg to artfully house a single sprig or flower bud.

Lucky Clover Paperweight by Jayson Home \ $42

This paperweight reminds us of those childhood days combing through a patch of clovers to find that elusive four-leafed stem. Even now, there’s still something magical about finding one that we’re sure this gift pick will bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

The Agnelli Sock by Comme Si \ $32

It’s true, fancy socks are a thing. Comme Si makes the modern day version of the classic trouser socks and this particular set, with its ombre pattern, makes the daily act of getting dressed a bit more luxurious.

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