2023 Year in Review: Designer Desktops

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January 2023 by York Wallcovering and Madcap Cottage \ DOWNLOAD

February 2023 by artist (and Design Milk founder!) Jaime Derringer and textile and wallpaper brand Eskayel  \ DOWNLOAD

March 2023 by graphic designer and artist Mario De Meyer \ DOWNLOAD

April 2023 by illustrator, graphic designer, and multidisciplinary artist Jen Du \ DOWNLOAD

May 2023 by artist Amelia Graham \ DOWNLOAD

June 2023 by illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez \ DOWNLOAD

July 2023 by design studio URBS Studio \ DOWNLOAD

August 2023 by design studio Kapitza \ DOWNLOAD

September 2023 by graphic designer and illustrator Ray Dak Lam \ DOWNLOAD

October 2023 by Annabel Inganni of textile studio Wolfum \ DOWNLOAD

November 2023 by textiles and wallcoverings brand Momentum \ DOWNLOAD

December 2023 by artist Glenyse Thompson and A Street Prints \ DOWNLOAD

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