40+ Best PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations

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PowerPoint is often the first choice when you need to make a professional business presentation. It’s a powerful program that can be used on both PCs and Mac computers and has a plethora of tools for creating a compelling business presentation or pitch deck.

As powerful as PowerPoint is, the truth is that the built-in presentation templates leave a lot to be desired. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about making a presentation that looks the same as everyone else’s because there are thousands of PowerPoint templates available to download online.

The beauty of these templates is that they can easily be customized with your brand colors, fonts, and design elements, and they already have all the slides necessary to present your data and company information. Simply add your content, insert your images, and customize. Your presentation will be ready in no time.

Check out the best business presentation templates for PowerPoint and download them so you can have them at your disposal whenever you need to make a presentation for your company.

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Business Proposal PowerPoint Templates

These business proposal PowerPoint templates offer professionally designed layouts and elements for creating impactful presentations. They will help to streamline the process of crafting persuasive business proposals, providing visual consistency and enhancing the overall impression.

Business Proposal Presentation Template

This multipurpose template has a modern, clean, and simple design. It has 30 unique slides and is easy to customize and use. It’s suitable for any project you can think of.

Website Proposal PowerPoint Template

This template gives you over thirty different slides that make it easy to create a compelling presentation from scratch. It comes in a full HD resolution to perfectly showcase the pixel-perfect illustrations that are included.

PowerPoint Business Proposal

This template gives you more than 35 editable presentation slide and each slide is in a 4:3 format. This template will save you time by taking the design out of the equation so that you can create a powerful presentation.

Proposal PowerPoint Template

The Proposal template gives you 52 unique slides that were designed in HD resolution. It also includes animations for the transitions and free icons to help you design your presentations.

Clean Proposal PowerPoint Template

This template gives you 24 unique slides in 16:9 HD quality. This template is clean, colorful, and scalable. Its multipurpose functions are suitable for businesses, e-commerce or product presentations.

Creative Proposal PowerPoint Template

The goal of this template is to help you gain support for design projects. With specific slides to accomplish this task, this template helps you retain focus on spreading your creative ideas in a cohesive fashion.

Startup & Business Pitch Deck Template

This template is perfect for startups and established businesses to pitch their ideas. This template is cross platform compatible to include PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides for your ease of use.

Business Plan PowerPoint Templates

These business plan PowerPoint templates provide a structured framework to outline strategies, goals, and financial projections. They offer a visually engaging way to present business concepts, market analysis, and operational details.

Business Plan 3.0 PowerPoint

With 40 unique slides, this template helps you get your business plan into action at your next presentation. The template is easy to customize and you can use the full animations as well as take advantage of retina ready visuals.

Dinalis Startup Business Plan PowerPoint

This template has 50 unique and editable slides with 2 color theme variations. It’s native HD resolution means that it will look good on any screen size. The template includes various vector shapes.

Business Plan Presentation Template

If you have a business plan presentation to do, this template has you covered. The template has a variety of slide designs to help you create a powerful business presentation.

ICO Business Plan PowerPoint Template

The ICO template has over 40 unique slides that can be edited and it has 30 business concepts with amazing flat vector images. The template comes in high definition aspect ratio to showcase the best visuals.

Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

This business template is aimed directly at conveying a solid business plan to your audience. It has specialized slides to help you stay razor focused on the content and delivery of your presentation.

Business Ideas PowerPoint Templates

These PowerPoint templates have been tailored for business idea development by offering a structured canvas to outline and refine concepts. These templates can provide a clear roadmap for entrepreneurs to articulate and expand their innovative ideas.

Business Idea PowerPoint Template

This template has 27 slides in a light and dark version for your convenience, is retina ready and comes in full HD resolution. Choose between full or no animations and easily make custom edits for your presentation.

Bold Ideas PowerPoint Template

This template includes 20 master slides in the standard 4:3 size allowing you to choose the best layout for your needs. The modern, polished layouts go far beyond mere backgrounds, fonts, and bullets; they also have matching charts, diagrams, and more visualization elements.

Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Tailored for marketing professionals, these PowerPoint templates offer a toolbox of creative layouts, data visualization, and content structures. They can help streamline the creation of impactful marketing presentations, enabling marketers to effectively communicate strategies, campaigns, and insights.

Impressivv Marketing PowerPoint Template

This template comes with more than 30 total slides with modern layouts based on master slides. It includes vector icons and is in full HD resolution. It’s also easy to customize with your brand colors and fonts.

Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Template

This template boasts a set of 1000 icons, is fully animated, and comes in a full HD resolution. It is simple and easy to use and includes free updates and support for your convenience.

Digital Marketing Agency for PowerPoint

The Digital Marketing Agency template has more than 60 unique slides, an editable layout, and a master page. It also has 8 different colored themes premade for you. This template makes it easy for you to deliver compelling presentations.

Marketing Toolbox PowerPoint Template

This template walks you through the core set of slides you will need for your presentation and helps keep you focused on the key items. It also includes easily editable charts and tables, handcrafted infographics, and pixel perfect illustrations.

Digital Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template

This template has more than 40 unique slides and is completely editable in PowerPoint. It includes object and slide transition animations and an editable icon set to help you get started with your next digital marketing presentation.

Business Sales PowerPoint Templates

Specifically designed for sales teams, these PowerPoint templates provide a platform for showcasing products, highlighting benefits, and articulating value propositions. Craft compelling presentations that resonate with clients and drive successful pitches!

Ozone Sales & Marketing PowerPoint Template

This template has 60 multipurpose slides that are clean, unique, and simple. It also has an unlimited color option so that you can show your brand colors proudly. On top of that, the template was designed in full HD resolution.

Eleska Sales & Marketing Pitch Template

This large template has 30 unique slides in 4 different color variations. It comes in stunning full HD resolution and is completely editable for your needs. It also includes vector shape illustrations to use.

Business Strategy PowerPoint Templates

These PowerPoint templates feature diverse slides for SWOT analysis, roadmaps, and actionable steps, enabling strategic business thinkers to convey complex concepts concisely and guide stakeholders through a well-defined path toward business success.

Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

The Business Strategy template has all the slides you need to create a compelling business presentation and present your company. It includes a complete set of vector icons, a world map that is editable, and free fonts.

Minimalist Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

This beautiful minimalist presentation template has 50 unique slides that help you tell your story in stunning full HD. It includes a free font, transitions, animations, and is easy to customize to your needs and niche.

Modern Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

With 70 unique slides to help you get started, this template is fully editable and gives you vector icons, elements, and maps. It also includes 5 dark and light template versions and boasts 700 total slides.

Social Media PowerPoint Templates

These PowerPoint templates have been tailored for social media marketers by offering a visual toolkit to outline campaigns, content calendars, and engagement strategies. These templates include dynamic slides for showcasing analytics, audience insights, and creative assets to present your social media initiatives with precision and impact.

Social Media Guide PowerPoint Template

This template offers a professional look for your unique presentation. Starting with 32 master slides, you can choose the layout that best suits your presentation. This template also includes charts, diagrams, and tables to help you tell your story.

Social Media Pro PowerPoint Template

The Social Media Pro template starts you off with more than 35 unique slides that allow drag and drop images and has device mockups included. Both the 16:9 and 4:3 are in full HD resolutions. This template also includes more than 150 editable font and icon set.

Clean & Modern Social Media PowerPoint Template

This template is retina ready and has a full HD resolution. With more than 80 unique slides, you’ll be creating the best presentation about your company that you can. Also included in this pack are mockup devices, infographics, and icons.

eCommerce Business PowerPoint Templates

Designed for eCommerce marketing, these PowerPoint templates offer a versatile canvas for showcasing products, promotions, and customer journeys. These also provide slides for presenting sales funnels, conversion strategies, and analytics, enabling eCommerce professionals to illustrate their marketing efforts effectively.

A Store PowerPoint Template

This template is perfect for business and personal needs. With more than 150 total slides, you’ll be up and running in no time. You will also find hand-crafted infographics, and pixel perfect illustrations.

New Store PowerPoint Template

This template offers more than a 150 total slides to help you make your presentation the best it can be. It has pixel perfect illustrations and hand crafted infographics for you to tell your story.

Multi-Purpose Business PowerPoint Templates

These multi-purpose PowerPoint templates offer a diverse range of slides to cater to various business needs. With pre-designed layouts for business, marketing, creative projects, and more, these templates offer a multi-use foundation for crafting impactful business presentations.

Business Report 2.0 PowerPoint Template

With 77 unique slides and an easy to edit color scheme, text, and shapes; this is one powerful business presentation. It’s visually appealing and easy to customize with your fonts and colors.

SWOT Business Presentation Template

This template pack has a whopping 111 unique slides to help you tell your story. It has multiple aspect ratios to get the best viewing resolution for your needs, and includes handmade infographics for your convenience.

Forseti Business PowerPoint Template

This template offers you more than 30 slides with modern layouts based on a master slide. It is in 16:9 full HD resolution and allows you to use free web fonts for personalization.

Business Showcase PowerPoint Template

This template gives you 30 unique slides that are in HD resolution. Fully editable inside PowerPoint so no extra skills are required; this template pack is perfect for a product showcase presentation.

Clean Business Presentation Template

This template comes in full HD resolution and has 50 unique slides to help tell your story. It has animations, transitions, and a free font included. This clean and modern presentation is perfect for any project purpose.

Klai Business for PowerPoint

The Klai Business template gives you more than 30 slides in full HD resolution for great visuals. This template is completely editable and resizable to meet your needs.

Morning Business PowerPoint Template

This template has a professional, ultra modern, and unique design which is suitable for many different kinds of presentations. It includes media placeholders and has a drag and drop placeholder for all your images.

Blesi Business PowerPoint Template

This creative template has more than 30 wonderful slides which use a master slide system to make editing a breeze. It includes editable vector icons and shapes to help you make your presentation impactful.

Alloyz PowerPoint Business Template

The Alloyz template has more than 30 wonderful slides which will help you tell your story effortlessly. It includes editable vector icons and shapes to help you make your presentation.

Solusis Business PowerPoint Presentation

The Solusis template boasts more than 50 unique slides that are in 16:9 widescreen HD resolution. They are based on master slides and include more than 500 icons and a free font for you to use.

The Benefits of PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a hugely popular application that is favored because of its user-friendly interface and extensive tools for crafting engaging presentations.

As you can see from above, it offers a variety of templates and themes that simplify the creation process, allowing you to create professional-looking presentations quickly. Its slide master feature ensures consistent formatting throughout the presentation, enhancing visual coherence.

The software supports various media types, including images, videos, audio, and charts, enabling dynamic content integration. Animation and transition effects that can also add a dynamic touch to slides, enhancing engagement during presentations.

Whether for business, education, or personal use, PowerPoint is a versatile tool for creating informative and visually compelling presentations. Its widespread use and familiarity make it an industry standard for communication and information sharing.

How to Import a PowerPoint Template

Importing a PowerPoint template into your presentation software is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

Download the Template: Find and download the PowerPoint template file you want to use.
Locate the Template File: Once downloaded, locate the template file on your computer. It’s usually in a .pptx format.
Open PowerPoint: Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer.
Create a New Presentation: You can either create a new presentation from scratch or open an existing one to apply the template to.
Access Slide Master: Go to the View tab in the PowerPoint menu and click Slide Master. This will allow you to modify the template’s master slides.
Import the Template: Go to the Slide Master tab and click Insert Slide Master. A new slide master will be added to the Slide Master view.
Insert the Template Slides: In the new slide master, go to the Slide Master tab again and click Insert Slide Master. Then navigate to the location of the downloaded template file and select it. The template slides will be inserted into your Slide Master view.
Customize and Apply: You can now customize the template by editing text, images, colors, fonts, and other elements. Once you’ve made any customizations, return to the normal view by clicking Close Master View.
Apply the Template to Your Presentation: With the template slides in your Slide Master, you can now apply them to your presentation. Go to the slide where you want to apply the template. In the PowerPoint menu, go to the Home tab and click the Layout button. Choose the layout from the template that you want to apply to the current slide.
Repeat for Other Slides: You can repeat the process of applying the template layout to other slides in your presentation.
Save Your Presentation: After applying the template and making the necessary adjustments, save your presentation.

By importing a PowerPoint template, you can quickly enhance the visual appeal and consistency of your presentation.

Templates can provide a professional look and save you time by offering pre-designed elements and layouts that you can easily customize and edit to fit your content perfectly.

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