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Dezeen Showroom: Brussels-based Studio Plastique has translated its research on current timber design and manufacturing into the design of a wooden step stool.

Not limited to considering the stool as furniture, the studio saw + 52 stool as a ‘scenario’ through which the potential of undervalued wood types can be rediscovered as sustainable alternatives to overused industry-favoured woods.

Studio Plastique designed the +52 stool with a characteristic A-shaped frame

The stool is manufactured with a range of less commercially used woods including elm, koto, willow, acacia and birch, which alter the design’s weight, colour and texture.

According to Studio Plastique, the stool was designed in response to the overexploitation of forests in the timber production industry and a lack of awareness regarding rarely-used wood species in design education.

Every +52 stool is inscribed with design information

“With +52 we would like to contribute to an alternative perspective on wood scenarios,” said the studio. “Through our collaborations with stakeholders in the field, we aim to highlight these problematics on the one hand, and on the other propose diversified scenarios.”

The stool is produced with a standard thickness of wood that ensures its strength and functionality as a practical item designed to be used as both casual seating and an aid for reaching higher places.

Product: +52 stool
Brand: Studio Plastique
Contact: info@studioplastique.com

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