6 Effective Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

There’s nothing more frustrating than your air conditioner failing to meet demand on a hot summer day. Whether your home isn’t being sufficiently cooled or you’re finding hot spots, several factors influence the efficiency of your home cooling system.

Here are six effective ways to enhance AC efficiency to keep your home cool, comfortable, and affordable. 

Maintain and Clean Your Unit

Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

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Your heating and air systems may be most useful when temperatures are at their most extreme, but you must remember to check the units during the milder times of the year. You should carefully check your air conditioner to ensure proper function before summer hits and do the same with the heat right before winter. It can help you identify potential issues before they become serious problems.

Like any major home appliance, your air conditioner requires regular upkeep and maintenance. According to the experts at Summers AC Repairs in Marion, preventative maintenance can enhance the efficiency of your cooling system while dramatically extending its overall lifespan.

Take the time to wipe down the vents and clean the filters every few weeks during the summer months. You can also schedule an annual tune-up visit before the summer hits to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you notice hot spots or discrepancies between the temperature on your thermostat and how the air feels, call a repair technician for support. 

Air Filters

Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

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The simplest, fundamental home maintenance step for your heating and air system is air filter replacement. Filters should be replaced or upgraded every 90 days to ensure efficient airflow and avoid an overworked system. 

Additionally, proper air filters can ensure clean air inside the home and impact your family’s health. Modern pleated air filters have an electrostatic charge that draws in debris particles like a magnet, which can help remove harmful allergens, pet dander, dust, and other potentially dangerous particles from the air. Clean, high-quality air filters will greatly benefit an efficient system and a healthy home.

Try a Minimalist Decor Approach

Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

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The furniture and decor you put in your home can impact the airflow and efficiency of your home heating and cooling system. For example, if you have an oversized leather couch with minimal floor clearance, you’re potentially blocking the airflow in the room. Conversely, a streamlined, elevated sofa would allow better air distribution.

Consider taking a minimalist approach with your decor, opting for fewer pieces of furniture with modern designs. Organize your room to ensure your furniture isn’t blocking any intake or output vents or causing disruptions to the airflow. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

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Smart thermostats offer several benefits to homeowners. They can:

  • monitor the HVAC system and send alerts
  • help save money and energy consumption
  • use smart programming based on your lifestyle
  • allow for remote adjustments

Installing a smart thermostat will help you get ahead of any potential issues with your air conditioner. Most homeowners don’t realize that their air conditioning unit isn’t running efficiently until they notice a costly power bill increase. Smart thermostats also let you create a schedule to minimize consumption when you’re at work or asleep. Additionally, the remote monitoring feature allows you to adjust the temperature in response to environmental factors.

Install Smart Roller Blinds

Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

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In addition to adding a smart thermostat, consider adding smart roller blinds. The sun plays a significant role in how well your air conditioning unit will operate. As the sun shines through your East and South-facing windows, the air conditioner will have to work harder to combat the radiant heat.

Installing smart roller blinds allows you to program when the rollers close, so you can keep your home cool during peak sunlight hours. This is ideal if you want to block the sun but still want to let some natural light through. Alternatively, you can invest in thermal window film to help offset the heat.

Find and Seal Drafts

Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

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Confirming that the cool air in your home isn’t escaping through cracks and drafts is essential. While we tend to focus on sealing drafts for the winter months, the same issues occur during the summer.

Take some time to review your home with a draft detector and determine where the issues lie. Some of the most common offenders include:

  • outlets
  • light switches
  • exterior doors
  • old windows
  • fireplaces
  • attics

Use weatherstripping, foam, and insulation to help make your home more airtight. This task will help your air conditioner work more efficiently and may extend its lifespan.

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Consider Your Exterior Design

Ways to Enhance Your AC Efficiency

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Your exterior design and landscape architecture also affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. Consider planting trees and shrubs to shade in key areas around your home, focusing on East and South-facing windows. You can also add awnings to your exterior windows to block the sun’s rays while letting the light shine.

Use this proven advice to ensure your air conditioner is optimized for the summer ahead.

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