60 Best Christmas Table Decoration Ideas for 2023

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Get ready to transform your dining room into a magical space this Christmas! Don’t just focus on the tree and front door; your dining table deserves some holiday love, too. It’s where the festive spirit comes alive during those merry dinners with loved ones. From charming centerpieces to cute place cards, the table sets the scene. We’ve gathered the top Christmas table decorations to inspire you and make your guests go ‘wow!’

No matter your style—whether it’s classic, modern, or a mix—we’ve got options for you. Keep it timeless with lush green garlands, elegant tablecloths, and fancy dinnerware. Or, go all out with a cozy faux fur runner, trendy ornaments, and a vibrant Christmas village of bottle brush trees. Want a nature-inspired vibe? Revamp pine sprigs and eucalyptus into beautiful decor, and repurpose DIY wreaths as stunning centerpieces with our Christmas table decoration ideas.

1. Silverware Tied in Ribbon

A lovely ribbon is an easy way to add a festive touch to candles, fine glassware, and silverware when you’re in a rush. Choose a luxurious jewel-tone silk ribbon for an elegant appearance, or go with the tried-and-true green, red, or gold.

2. Pattern Layering

Incorporating a variety of patterns and colors into a tablescape is one of our favorite Christmas table decoration ideas. Everything from the tablecloth—a nature-inspired design—to the napkins—paisley ones bound together with a crimson velvet ribbon—to the centerpiece—a blossoming arrangement of flowers.

3. Candle Holders from Upcycled Bottles

Think wine bottles when you want to make a stylish centerpiece out of a glass bottle. After cleaning and removing the labels, fill the bottles with water and then add the evergreens. Would you want some color? Throw in some fresh cranberries! The next step is to put a taper candle in the bottle’s opening after applying sticky candle wax to its base. In order to maintain the appearance of the greens, remember to change the water every few days.

4. Evergreen Tree Cuttings

Displaying a large glass vase with fresh green sprigs is a great way to get ideas for Christmas table decorations from the pros. Want to add more charm? Add some pinecones to a bowl and set it nearby for a more rustic touch.

5. Blue and White Décor

From table runners and napkins to vases and plates, keep to a simple blue-and-white color scheme. The key ingredient for that additional dramatic touch is to add some golden accessories, such as those vintage-inspired candlesticks.

6. Candle Rosemary Centerpiece

You can whip together this beautiful centerpiece in no time at all using simple household goods like candles, ribbons, a few rubber bands, fresh rosemary branches, and either real or faux cranberries for the base. The ingenious flameless candle method is at your disposal.

7. Decorative Table Wreath

Make a beautiful display piece by transforming your Christmas wreath. To make a wreath without hanging it, just join candlewood cups to a wreath shape. To round off the image, gather a bunch of tapered candles and plenty of foliage.

8. Christmas Tree-Shaped Napkin

Your dinner guests will be captivated by the origami-inspired place setting the moment they lay eyes on it. Allow me to show you the way: We used green fringe napkins, which are square, and embellished them with little baubles for a festive touch.

9. Metallics and Icy Blues

On a white faux fur table runner, there are big deer ornaments and Christmas dining table decor ideas in shades of blue and silver. With cookie cutters and a bayberry sprig as a garnish, the place setting consists of solid white salad plates coupled with striped dinner plates.

10. Candlesticks Made by Hand

Use a bowl of oranges and a fresh wreath as a nod to tradition for a beautiful centerpiece. As a finishing touch, they scatter paper stars and dried orange segments about the table. However, who really stands out? The show-stopping homemade beeswax candles melt and drip into a lovely ambiance.

11. Furoshiki Gift Wrap 

In addition to looking lovely in your place settings, this sophisticated bowknot would be a thoughtful surprise for your dinner guests. Japanese wrapping could seem complicated, but trust me, it’s really rather simple. Simple materials include standard 20-inch napkin linen and some fake cranberry sprigs for garnish.

12. Go with Plaid

For a homey vibe, consider combining tartan with buffalo check or any other plaid pattern. Adding a cinnamon stick and an evergreen sprig to your plaid napkins will give them a more rustic look.

13. Upcycle Your Old Bulbs

Those antique lightbulbs still have life left in them! Discover an ingenious method to transform them into sophisticated Christmas accents. Start by applying a little dab of hot glue to the bulb’s larger side. Coil some twine over it; sage green and shiny gold are our favorites. As you wrap, continue to glue. After that, create a stem by attaching a twig and then place a paper leaf on top. 

14. Miniature Christmas Trees

Decorate your table runner with little Christmas trees of varying hues, as seen in interior design publications. For a more interesting appearance, combine bottle brush trees with paper ones and wooden ones.

15. Golden Leaves

For an additional glamour boost, scatter some artificial leaves that are glittering and adorned with dazzling gold foil about the dining table. But you know what? Applying gold leaf enhances almost any surface. Always begin by cleaning the surface. Apply the glue with a brush, then carefully place a sheet of gold leaf on top. Use a delicate brush and your hands to gently smooth it in circular strokes. Wait a few hours for it to dry, and then seal it lightly for a mirror finish.

16. Christmas Shakers

You will LOVE this easy activity if you enjoy making festive decorations! To make your table seem festive for the holidays, fill ordinary salt and pepper shakers with little trees or reindeer.

17. 8-Point Star Napkin

To add style to your tablescape in an instant, just rearrange any ordinary 20-inch napkin into a stylish star shape. No need to worry; even novices will find this one simple!

18. Dash of Greenery

If you want to make your wooden dining table seem as chic as Emily Henderson’s, try adding some festive touches. Add some festive flair with some fresh foliage, taper candles, and tealight holders made of ceramic village—just right for the holiday season!

19. Make a Leaf Garland

Make a leaf garland out of green craft paper to express your creativity. Add some red jingle bells to cap off the holiday vibe.

20. Napkin Rings Made from Cookie Cutter

As napkin holders, these star-shaped cookie cutters have an air of understated elegance. On top of that, they make great small Christmas presents for your visitors to take home with them.

21. Ornaments for Ceiling

A traditional and joyous Christmas tablescape in reds and whites. Need a little something more? To get the same lovely effect, just use thread or a fishing line to suspend decorations from the ceiling.

22. Fresh Eucalyptus

For every table setting, you can whip up a little bouquet. She twisted a transparent hair tie around a silver dollar eucalyptus leaf, and a couple of seeded eucalyptus leaves.

23. Candy Cane Bow

Tie a neat knot around a red and white striped napkin to create a peppermint candy décor. Put a red ribbon in the middle to keep it in place—at least until supper is served!

24. Napkin Rings from Christmas Light 

Repurpose your old Christmas lights into charming napkin rings instead of throwing them away! At the base of each bulb, attach a loop of white and red baker’s twine using hot glue. Once you have your multicolored rolled napkins ready, use these innovative napkin rings to wrap them. 

25. Tree Napkins

Create tree shapes out of folded napkins and use little name cards cut from leftover paper for the trunks. That way, at the dinner table, everyone knows where to sit.

26. Pastel Christmas Village

Have you had enough of the same old Christmas hues? For your table arrangement, why not try something quirky and unique? For a whimsical twist, try using pink dishes colorful bottle brush trees, and create your own pastel-colored Christmas town.

27. Mix Up the Glassware

Using a variety of plates, bowls, and glasses can really liven up a dinner party. Distribute separate goblets to each guest; this kind gesture will spark conversation about your exquisite table setting.

28. Felt Christmas Trees

With these adorable felt cutouts, you can transform your dining table into a whimsical Christmas tree garden. Your silverware will blend in with ease after following this little guide!

29. Peppermint Inspiration

Use pink, red, and gold tones to create a tablescape reminiscent of a Christmas candy buffet. A multicolored table runner, some sprigs, and some candy-cane-patterned napkins will do the trick. And to top it all off, before dinner, lay out some actual peppermints and candy canes for your guests to nibble on.

30. Modern Vintage Décor

This inviting tablescape is a perfect example of how to blend contemporary and old elements. He began with a white runner with red stitching. Then he added matte black candlestick holders, little evergreen trees, antique high-ball glasses, classic water goblets with gold trim, and so on.

31. Gold and Green

The combination of golden hues and verdant greens is regal, but because it is Christmas, don’t forget to sprinkle in some red accents here and there.

32. Place Card Holders of Reindeer

Make adorable name card holders out of these miniatures of deer. Another advantage is that you may keep these adorable tiny guys as house decorations even when you’re not entertaining.

33. Adorn the Chairs

Attach little wreaths to chair frames using raw-edge ribbon to make each guest feel unique. A little gesture that makes every visitor feel special.

34. Monogrammed Napkin Ring

Simple napkin rings and a handful of pipe cleaners (glittery ones are really fun!) will do the trick. Create personalized napkin rings by twisting pipe cleaners into the form of each guest’s name. 

35. Rustic Décor

Use burlap as a table runner, gold candlestick holders, and a long garland of luxuriant pine for a traditional look. Add a finishing touch to each place setting with a single pine sprig.

36. Picks for Drinks

Use festive selections to liven up your visitors’ beverages! Trim the drink picks to a length of about 3 inches. Then, using basic hot glue, attach little bottle brush trees in vibrant colors to the top of each pick. This project is both simple and upbeat!

37. Golden Tabletop Trees

These beautiful pre-lit tabletop trees will add a touch of ethereal light to any tablescape. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your tablescape by combining them with taper candlestick holders and a green table runner.

38. Place Card Holders with Candy Cane

Instead of letting those little candy canes go unused on your Christmas tree, use them to hold place cards. For a lively and carefree style, try combining different hues.

39. Felt Tree-Topped Forest

Cut out felt fir shapes and use hot glue to attach them to candle holders loaded with fake snow to transform your table into a mystical pine forest.

40. Place Card Holder from Gingerbread

For a change of pace this year, ditch the traditional place cards. Think about using linen napkins instead, layering gingerbread cookies on top, and then tying them with a ribbon that matches.

41. Laid-Back Style

Your Christmas table may be eye-catching without becoming overwhelming. For a simple but stylish arrangement, use folded tea towels in lieu of tablecloths and turn red wine glasses into flower vases.

42. Fancy and Fun

Vibrant pinks and golden accents will liven up any tablescape. There was even a scarf that we turned into a table runner! Use your imagination and make name cards out of shards of shattered terracotta pots for a one-of-a-kind look!

43. Chalkboard Nametags

For an extra special touch, use blackboard paper instead of tablecloth and sign each guest’s name on the dish. Make your own napkin rings by forming a circle with fine wire, stringing cranberries onto it, and finishing it off with a festive sprig of eucalyptus.

44. Napkin Bells

The enchantment of holiday bells is hard to resist. Place a little bell on the corner of your dinner napkin to add a touch of festivity to your table.

45. Twisty Formal

Experiment with a silver and icy blue color scheme. To create the name cards, attach a store-bought tag to a metallic glass ornament.

46. A Hint of Plaid

Create a snowy New England atmosphere by using some plaid throws as tablecloths. It’s best to use old ones that can handle any spills that might happen.

47. Cozy Christmas

Infuse your space with a gentle scent by using fresh flowers and real pine cones, evoking memories of past holidays. Create your own snowflake napkin rings using wooden snowflakes for a charming touch.

48. Chandelier Wreath

Hang greens above your table by using a hook and ribbon for a lovely effect if you can’t hang them from a permanent light fixture, drape pine around the frame and secure it with ribbon for a similar look.

49. Bead Stars

Enhance your table runner’s look by using wooden beads to make star-shaped decorative accents for added visual appeal.

50. Cranberries and Mercury Glass

Create an elegant green and red tablescape by combining mercury glass, a burlap table runner, candles, and fresh cranberries for a sophisticated look.

51. Indoor Wreath

Turn a nearby windowsill into a cozy spot by layering it with candles, greenery, and pinecones. Complete the Christmas table decoration ideas by hanging a rustic wreath at the top for that final touch.

52. Fancy Plates

Get fancy by using your fine China, or add a gilded salad plate on top of your everyday set to give each place setting a special touch. Opt for a runner made of greenery and blooms as a subtle floral option that won’t obstruct conversations among guests.

53. Woody Centerpiece

Create a quick centerpiece in just five minutes by filling a glass container with unshelled nuts, pine cones, faux cranberries, dried citrus, and cinnamon sticks. Place it on a polished wood slice, and your table is all set!

54. Personal Place Settings

All your neutral linens need is a touch of greenery. Make name cards using cut cardboard, then attach the tags to a circle of leaves to welcome each guest.

55. Piles Up Gifts

Not every gift has to be under the tree! Display your beautiful wrapping paper on the dinner table instead. Try using pink instead of red for a unique touch. Add homemade confetti-filled ornaments in matching colors to complete the festive display.

56. Edible Name Card Holders

Use ripe pears as edible name-card holders by simply adding a pearl-topped pin. Incorporate pears, along with greenery and small ornaments, for a budget-friendly centerpiece that you can easily put together yourself.

57. Winter Wonderland

Create a white Christmas ambiance, regardless of the weather, with these Christmas table decoration ideas. Set the scene with monochrome florals, tiny gingerbread houses, and even miniature marshmallows to evoke a snow-dusted landscape.

58. Fancy Fruit

Make your own icy-looking faux fruits that seem straight out of Jack Frost’s orchard and will last for years. Simply coat the fruit with spray adhesive and then roll them in a mix of three parts white glitter to one part silver glitter.

59. Golden Fronds

You can create a beautiful display using wheat stalks from the craft store, just as pretty as fresh blooms. Simply tie the sheaf with ribbon and place it inside a clear vase over faux snow. Add evergreens and almonds around the vase for an extra boost of charm.

60. Cranberry Pinecones

Want quick Christmas table decoration ideas to add some festive flair to evergreen seeds? Try this: lightly spray-paint half of the cones in cheerful cranberry and the other half in shimmery silver, then display them in a clear glass bowl. For a more eye-catching look, paint the cones entirely in a bright lime or gold for a pop art-inspired piece.


No matter if you’re planning a cozy brunch, a fancy dinner with a stunning centerpiece, or a fun cocktail party, we’ve got you covered with expert tips to make hosting this Christmas like a pro. Dive in for our top Christmas table decoration ideas in the perfect seasonal spirit.

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