A General Store That Serves Breakfast Inspired This Elegant Console

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The next time you’re in North Brookfield, New York, take a detour from your destination and stop by Klings Mill. The general store, which also used to be a one-time feed mill, not only serves up a hearty breakfast but also some design inspiration. Such was the case for Lisa Sacco, who shares that most of her work seems to circle back to things that have long fascinated her. “The rhythmic and patinated perfection of corrugated sheet metal reminds me of my past, our past and a dramatic shift in material awareness that is taking place before our eyes,” the designer adds. The wavy sheet metal can be found as siding at Klings Mill (which, by the way, Sacco recommends the pancakes). The recent MFA graduate of RISD’s furniture design program let the unsuspecting material lead her to create her latest work, Haptic, an undulating wood console table created from a single quarter-sewn oak plank.

Sacco begins by cutting the piece of wood into thirds, which are then put under a CNC machine to carve out the waves. The three pieces rejoin to form an uninterrupted waterfall console. A drawer is added to provide hidden storage. Also accompanying the furniture are glass vessels that have been blown directly onto corrugated sheet metal so that, once hardened, they glide effortlessly across the console.

To learn more about Lisa Sacco, visit lisasacco.com.

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