A Glimpse Into A Snowy Journey Throughout The Medieval Town Of Krakow, Captured by Patryk Biegański

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Photographer Patryk Biegański shares his unique experience of capturing the rare winter moments in Polish cities, particularly in Kraków. He describes the city as a blend of various architectural styles and finds it incredibly pleasurable to walk through its snow-covered medieval streets.

Living in the historic center of Kraków, he cherishes the city’s architecture, history, and cultural life, often exploring its old streets, buildings, and churches with his camera. Despite the challenges of photographing in snowy or rainy conditions, he manages to “freeze the moment” using higher ISO values and more open apertures. His photographs, often compared to fairytale sceneries, aim to highlight the beauty of the world.

He achieves a mystic vibe in his winter pictures by choosing the perfect time for photography and using techniques to soften the images. He fondly recalls the previous winter when Kraków transformed into a magical city under a blanket of snow. However, he acknowledges the fleeting nature of these moments due to climate changes and strives to appreciate the snowy winter season as much as possible.

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