A Luxury Villa + Artist Residency Offers Escape in the Tuscan Countryside

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Villa Lena is a countryside boutique resort and artist residency located in Tuscany, Italy, founded in collaboration by contemporary art collector Lena Evstafieva, her musician husband Jérôme Hadey, and Lionel Bensemoun, founder of Le Baron. Villa Lena is discreetly nestled within 500 hectares of lush woodlands, sprawling vineyards, bountiful olive groves, and flourishing organic vegetable gardens.

At its core, a 19th-century villa, originally constructed for an Italian aristocratic family, now serves as the headquarters for the Villa Lena Foundation and its artist-in-residence program. Encircling the villa, meticulously restored historic agricultural structures – formerly farmhouses, stables, and hunting lodges – offer self-contained guest apartments and shared amenities.

The essence of Villa Lena revolves around fostering creativity and collaboration through a diverse range of activities and events. These include artists’ discussions, family-friendly pursuits, open-air film screenings, cooking workshops, candlelit concerts, and poolside DJ sessions. Each evening, both guests and resident artists convene in the terrace restaurant for a communal dining experience that centers around a seasonal organic menu deeply rooted in Italian cuisine.

Photography by Henrik Lundell.

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