A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Apartment Overlooking the Water

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The Oceana Retreat is a minimal residence located in Bal Harbour, Florida, designed by Hino Studio. The clients, avid art collectors, wanted to showcase their love for both Latin-American flair and European mid-century aesthetics. The design direction is made right from the beginning with the selection of a Gio Ponti style entry foyer floor, which set the tone for the rest of the apartment.

One of the most striking elements of the design is the arched screen that greets guests as they walk in. The screen, made of walnut slats, replaces a large wall that used to cover the dining room, and creates an intimate yet open layout. The screen extends to the bar in the living room and is a seamless piece of millwork that ties the entire space together.

The designer played around with arches throughout the layout, transitioning between the kitchen and dining room, adding to the cohesive and elegant feel of the apartment. Warmth was added to the apartment through the use of walnut paneling and flooring in key rooms such as the primary bedroom and the clients’ office.

Photography by Max Burkhalter.

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