A New Snacking Choice with No Worries: Leading Natural Snack Brand Yikoutian, Under UNIQUE ORGANICS CORP., Launches Multi Grains Cracker-Cocoa

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TAICHUNG CITY, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Yikoutian, the natural food leader under UNIQUE ORGANICS CORP., introduces the chocolate-flavored version of their long-anticipated multi-grains crackers. This highly awaited snack choice offers a guilt-free indulgence while embodying core values of health and safety.

Yikoutian has always been committed to providing consumers with healthy and safe food options. The launch of Multi Grains Cracker-Cocoa reaffirms this commitment, providing consumers with a fresh snacking experience without worrying about their health.

Multi Grains Cracker-Cocoa are a creative product, rich in natural nutrients. It combines 13 different grains, such as nuts with beneficial fats, protein, and fiber; grains packed with vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats, fiber, and proteins; and chocolate known for its benefits to brain function, cardiovascular health, and stress reduction. These Crackers incorporate 100% pure dark chocolate, ensuring a rich source of natural nutrition. Adhering to their core principle of health, Yikoutian ensures no preservatives, artificial colors, or chemical ingredients are added, allowing consumers to enjoy this delicious snack with peace of mind.

Manager Yan Yongyu of UNIQUE ORGANICS CORP. stated, “We have consistently pursued innovative healthy food, and Multi Grains Cracker-Cocoa are a result of our relentless efforts. We aim to provide consumers with a guilt-free snacking option, allowing them to take care of their bodies while savoring delicious flavors.”

Since its release, Multi Grains Cracker-Cocoa have gained immense popularity on social media. In September and October of this year, loyal customers have even taken the initiative to upload videos on platforms like Douyin and Xiaohongshu, sharing their tasting experiences and expressing their love for this new snack. This has garnered widespread attention and sparked a wave of orders.

Additionally, UNIQUE ORGANICS CORP. operates the Yikoutian Black Sesame Story House, which offers more delectable choices, like 100% natural & pure black sesame paste, enriching the Yikoutian product line.

Whether it’s the black sesame series or the multi-grains crackers series, they consistently embody Yikoutian’s commitment to providing consumers with healthy, delicious, and worry-free choices.



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