A Sculptural Bench That Invites Visitors to Take Pause

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Soul Sculpture Bench is a minimalist bench created by Madrid-based designer Verónica Mar for Les Ateliers Courbet. Mar’s approach to design goes beyond the tactile, incorporating elements with a spiritual sensitivity, featuring pieces designed to alter and balance the energy of spaces they inhabit.

Drawing inspiration from the recurring spiral patterns found in the vastness of galaxies, the intricacy of DNA chains, and the swirling of water currents, the Soul Sculpture Bench showcases the seamless ties between nature and design. Its form brings to mind the vastness of the universe and the delicate connections that exist within.

Intended as a versatile piece, it can seamlessly fit into both public areas and private indoor settings. More than just a seating solution, it serves as a thought-provoking installation, inviting those who encounter it to pause, reflect, and appreciate the profound intricacies of the natural world.

Photography by Joseph Kramm.

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