A Simple Way to Understand The Art of Sound Acoustic

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Acoustic sounds come from all around us whether they naturally come from nature itself such as the sound of water falling from the waterfall, the birds chirping, and many more, or unnaturally come from man-made like the musical instruments and all the sounds that come from the city. All of this is also known as a mechanical sound wave that happens all around us.

Sound can be reflected

Sound waves also have a reflection. Sound reflection occurs when sound waves bounce back from the surface of a solid or liquid. Many fascinating phenomena, such as echo and reverberation, are caused by sound reflection—the reflection of sound, like the reflection of light.

Sound can be absorbed

Sound absorption is the ability of a material to absorb sound in the air. When a sound wave transmits to a material’s surface, part of it is reflected, part passes through the material, and the rest of it transfers into the material.

Sound can be diffused

Sound Diffusion is the act of evenly spreading sound waves throughout a space. This is achieved by using sound diffusers, acoustic diffusers, wood sound diffusers, audio diffusers, or sound diffuser panels.

Knowing this really should help you plenty in deciding on the problems you face in your daily need for sound treatment. Have you decided what the space that you have is going to be used for?

But before you decide to buy your sound absorbing material you should know how big is the space of your room that you want to use the material on. Do you know that furniture also helps cut echo in a room? Have you decorated the space plenty so it helps to cut the reflection of sound waves? After that then you can figure out what concept you want to apply to the space you have as there are too many types and materials in the markets.

What is the wall material of the space made out of bricks or an extension partition to separate the room? You also need to consider the shape of the spaces you want to use for soundproofing or acoustic treatment. The shape of the room is important as it plays a big part in how you want to use the space for decoration and the use of the room. Figuring out this would help you a lot in order to make a better decision. As materials of the room and its building structure will affect the final result of acoustic in the space. So you need to know because it can save you some money, resources, and time.

Here are several examples:

Home theater

It is a trend now that people have a mini cinema in home. While you don’t want to be disturbed for the whole day as well as to your neighbour, but also can enjoy the atmosphere in the room. In this case, we suggest that products such as wall acoustic underlayment, Silent Wool (Rockwool) and fabric acoustic panel, require minimum 3 layers for excellent performance.


The area is too echoey during Zoom meetings, making it difficult to hear clearly. We also suggest using an acoustic panel for the wall and acoustic ceiling board for ceiling, it looks more professional and also adds a bit of aesthetic look to your office.


Whether it is a recording studio, a podcast studio, or a gaming studio you can go fully live on the streaming without bothering the background noise, as such produce high quality videos and audios. For this scenario, you can use acoustic foam, it can absorb most of the sound. However, it lacks an aesthetic look but is a good option as it is more flexible to work with or use an acoustic panel as it adds more aesthetic looks.

There are variations of acoustic treatment that you can use for all your needs, here is the list of our bestseller products that may suits you.

Fluted Panel

It is an innovative fusion of aesthetics and acoustics at the same time. The PET panel absorbs sound waves (echoes), creating a pleasant acoustic environment. With their unique blend of functionality and style, acoustic wall panels are an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the acoustics of their space while adding a touch of elegance.

Acoustic Foam

With a variety of color options, you can easily find any color in different shapes to match your decor or mood. While the acoustic is being taken care of, the aesthetic of the space is also being enhanced. Due to the unique chemical component applied, our exclusive acoustic foam will take a longer time to fade in color compared to peers. It offers basic sound absorption capability and can eliminate echoes. Our sound acoustic foam could greatly reduce sound reflection by up to 70% within the space. It improves the sound quality of your home, office, or studio.

Bass Trap Acoustic Foam Conner

Bass trap acoustic foam works very effectively on low-end frequencies and is designed to be installed in the edges and corners of any room where it will have the greatest impact. To prevent slapback echo in your room or studio. It could further eliminate unwanted excess sounds for a perfect mix if you install it with egg crate acoustic foam together. Whether you’re a musician or somebody who just wants to enhance your listening experience by creating great acoustics in your room, these bass traps will work for you.

Acoustic Diffuser

The sound diffuser is a special type of acoustic panel that is often used in an expert-grade audio environment. You usually find these in places that are meticulous about acoustic results such as auditoriums, theaters, on-stage monitors, and music venues. Diffusing sound is a great way to make your room sound better without compromising its liveliness.

Fabric Acoustic Panel

We use premium acoustic foam as the refill material, ensuring that our acoustic panels are long-lasting and durable with high sound absorption ability. It is designed for large spaces such as auditoriums, halls, and conference rooms. It will not also harm your health or irritate the respiratory system. This is an exclusive acoustic panel by LovelyTeik The Foam Shop. Our large panels have excellent performance in terms of sound production, effects, control, transmission, and Sirim certificate tested.

This is the project we have done

This is an example of a meeting room project including drawing plan that we have. For this project, our customer chose red and grey acoustic fabrics. Each panel was customized to fit the entire room according to our customer’s preferences. After completed measurement on site, we provide a visualization of how the room would look by 3D drawing. We want to give customers the best service whether we installed it for you or install by yourself. All things you need for your unique acoustic problem, we can solve for you.

More info: https://lovelyteik.co/

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