Add Visual Motion to Your Space With the Flow Family

Superlife, a community of creators, craftspeople, and retailers who believe the power of design can make a difference, has added the Flow Family to their lineup. The collection of three organic, abstractly shaped tables pull from nature in their design – particularly natural bodies of water. Add a sense of fluidity to your space with the trio that’s designed to nest together in multiple configurations.

Flow is conveniently flexible – use all three tables together to create a visual statement or as separate occasional tables where needed. Each of Flow’s sculptural tables is unique in size and height, “much like cells merging to form a larger organism,” Superlife says. Choose from a mix of six muted and saturated colors, mix and match or create a monochrome masterpiece.

Large, Sage Green

Large, Silk

Medium, Peach

Medium, Black

Small, White

Small, Blue

To learn more about Superlife’s Flow Family of tables, visit

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