Amazing Winning Photos Of The European Photography Awards 2023

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Discover the stunning winning images of the 2023 European Photography Awards. Join a worldwide exploration through the lens with these awards, a stage welcoming photographers from all corners of the globe. Delve into the diverse richness, capturing the enduring allure of traditions inherited over generations.

These accolades honor creativity and craftsmanship, recognizing a broad range of photographic styles. No matter your industry experience, it’s your distinctive worldview that we value. Immerse yourself in boundless opportunities as you undertake a singular journey across the varied nations contributing to the splendor of our expansive continent.

People Photography, Culture Winner – Ghost of Asaro by Jatenipat Ketpradit

“Gurupoka mountain peak in the wild forest of Papua New Guinea is the land of ghosts. They emerged slowly from the trees, their movements resembling a devil’s dance, seamlessly blending with the forest.

Their terrifying heads were attached to thin, grey bodies. Abruptly, they vanished and reappeared behind the visitor like phantoms. They were the ‘Asaro Mudmen,’ indigenous warriors residing in a high valley along the Asaro River in Papua New Guinea. Today, the Asaro Mudmen stand among the most prominent and renowned tribes of Papua New Guinea. Whenever they don their mud masks, assuming the guise of white demons, they embody the spirit that drove the enemy from their cherished village and homeland.”

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Editorial Photography, Documentary Winner – Resilient mothers by Joao Coelho

France Photography, Fine Art Winner – Boxing club n°1 by Christophe Demigne

Special Category, Digital Enhance Photography Winner – The last feed by Kazutoshi Kawakami

Commercial Photography, Album Cover Winner – You And All The Seasons by Andy Whale

Architecture Photography, Building Winner – Tadawul by Gerry O’Leary

Germany Photography, Fine Art Winner – A Journey to the Self by Marlena Wels

Italy Photography, Fine Art Winner – 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas by Robin Yong

People Photography, Environmental Winner – Survive in Katanga by John T. Pedersen

Nature Photography, Wildlife Winner – Great White by Brice Weaver

Black & White Photography, People Winner – Water & Light by Liza Heinrichs

Fine Art Photography, People Winner – Wonderful Moment by Shihao Li

Editorial Photography, Photojournalism Winner – Ukraine:The terror of war by Daniel Ceng

Special Category, Long Exposure Photography Winner – The Kranzbach by Mark Tomalla

People Photography, Religious Winner – Jigong by MingLun Tsai

Architecture Photography, Abstract Winner – Winged by Anna Wacker

Nature Photography, Time-Lapse Winner – Love is by Alexander Seleznyov

Black & White Photography, Portrait Winner – Fire in my heart by Mariko Okubp

Italy Photography, Landscape Winner – Mountains of fire by Andrea Sagui

Editorial Photography, Documentary Winner – The end of the line by João Coelho

People Photography, Culture Winner – Floating Market by William Idiart Rodriguez

Nature Photography, Wildlife Winner – Fiery Raven by Karim Iliya Studio

France Photography, Landscape Winner – Icelandic Psalm – Mountain by Kyo Chen

Nature Photography, Macro Winner – Powerless by Niki Colemont

Fine Art Photography, People Winner – The Way back home by Osama Elolemy

Fine Art Photography, Travel Winner – The Beauty of Mount Fuji by Simon Chu

Nature Photography, Drone Winner – The lava elephant by Rares Besliu

Germany Photography, Moving Images Winner – Stop your motion by Jacqueline Rüdiger

Editorial Photography, War/Conflict Winner – War and Peace by Daniel Ceng

Fine Art Photography, Street Winner – Run Towards the Light by Marco Wilm


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