Amplify the Joy This Season With Sonos’ Sound and Festive Promotions

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As the holiday season draws near, it’s the perfect time to surround you and your loved ones in the sound of Sonos. Known for its excellent sound, top-tier and easy-to-use wireless speaker system and long-lasting products, Sonos amplifies your house to feel like a genuine home. The upcoming 12.12 promo and holiday promotion brings great offers, by delivering great sound, tuned by Oscar and Grammy-winning producers to your home.

With Sonos, you get more than just great sound for your music and movies – you get an amazing sound experience. You can control Sonos speakers, pair products for stereo sound wirelessly, and stream different songs on different Sonos speakers in different rooms. The newest speakers from Sonos (Era 100 and 300) are able to play Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio and give you the ability to pair multiple products over WiFi for a Dolby Atmos home theatre setup – for a cinema and concert-like experience to your living room. This holiday season, let Sonos redefine how you enjoy music and movies, creating an environment that reflects your style.

If you’re looking into something more durable and portable, Sonos have also introduced the latest Move 2 speaker, an absolute essential for any of your joyous gatherings. This upgraded version delivers spacious stereo sound, ideal for holiday parties, with a remarkable 24-hour battery life to keep the festive tunes playing throughout the day. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as Move 2’s acoustic enhancements capture the essence of live performances, offering flexibility with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities for creating a festive atmosphere with ease. Its sustainable design, featuring recycled materials and a replaceable battery, aligns perfectly with the spirit of giving.

Elevate your holiday moments with the Move 2’s durable, water-resistant design, suitable for both indoor coziness and outdoor festivities. Whether it’s an intimate family gathering or a lively holiday party, the Move 2, available in festive colorways, complements the warmth of the season. Celebrate the holidays with the perfect blend of music, sustainability, and style embodied by the Move 2.

To match each and everyone’s personal style, TC Acoustic is offering amazing deals during this double date promotion. These are some of the incredible 12.12 promo deals that’s available on the TC Acoustic Official Website, especially for the Sonos Beam Gen 2 soundbar (Dolby Atmos supported) and the Sonos Ray:

CategoryProductRRP12.12 PromotionsHome TheatreSonos RayRM1,799RM 1,099Sonos Beam Gen 2RM2,999RM 2,449All-In-OneSonos One SLRM1,099RM1,029Portable SpeakersSonos Roam SLRM1,099RM 829Sonos RoamRM1,199RM929Sonos Move GEN 1RM2,499RM1,899Roam SL + Charging BaseRM1,338RM 1,068Roam + Charging BaseRM1,438RM 1,168Sonos On SL Stereo Bundle  One SL BundleRM 2,198RM 2,058Beam Home Theatre setBeam + 2 One SLRM 5,197RM 4,647Beam + 2 Era 100RM 6,197RM 5,647Ray Home Theatre SetRay + 2 Sonos One SLRM 3,997RM 3,297

Get into the festive spirit with a delightful Christmas jingle, playing on your Sonos speakers as you celebrate the magic of the season with family and friends. Make this Christmas truly enchanting with the gift of extraordinary sound. Plan ahead! TC Acoustic presents exclusive deals for a limited time. Seize the opportunity to amaze your loved ones and elevate your gift-giving experience with exceptional audio products from Sonos.

Grab all of this great deals exclusive on the TC Acoustic Official Website or head down to our Sonos Concept Store at The Starhill. For information or amazing deals on Sonos, don’t forget to check the TC Acoustic Official Website or follow TC Acoustic on Instagram and Facebook.

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