Apple iPhone 14: from design to specs, what to expect this week

With just days to go until Apple’s next event, titled ‘Far Out’, it seems seems safe to assume we’ll know everything about the iPhone 14 on Wednesday. Rumours about the next generation of iPhone have reached fever pitch, and it’s sounding like we’re in for more than an incremental upgrade this time around.

Here, we’ve compiled all the latest, freshest iPhone 14 rumours, to give you an idea of what to expect from the phone when it launches next month. With plenty of titbits from leakers and reporters with solid track records for accuracy, we’ve built up a pretty solid set of expectations for the new phone, so all that remains is to count down the days to September 7th. Here’s a full roundup of what to expect, and check out our guide on how to watch the Apple event.

iPhone 14 render

A fan-made render of the iPhone 14, complete with pill-shaped notch replacement  (Image credit: Angelo Libero)

iPhone 14: Design

We’ve seen a lot of rumours flying around when it comes to the design of the iPhone 14, but there’s one that perhaps is most talked-about, and if you’re any kind of Apple follower, you may have already guessed what it is. That’s right: it’s the notch. Many users have decried the infamous iPhone notch, which was introduced with the iPhone X, and ever since has been interfering the all-screen design of subsequent iPhone models.

The notch is not just an aesthetic choice – it conceals the components that make Face ID work. However, multiple rumours are indicating that Apple may have finally elected to ditch the notch for the upcoming iPhone 14, in favour of a punch-hole camera. However, this isn’t a done deal, as some rumour-mongers believe this could be limited just to the ‘Pro’ version of the iPhone 14.

A fan-made render of the iPhone 14 (Image credit: Matt Talks Tech)

Some rumours suggest that the single cutout look of the notch will be replaced by a ‘pill + hole’ design for the front camera, as shown in the fan-made render above (on the right hand side). It’s difficult to tell though how large this is going to be; purportedly leaked CAD files that were shared in a Chinese social media post indicated the dimensions of these cutouts, and if accurate, would mean they aren’t exactly small. Plus, we’ve also seen some leaked display panels, and if they’re real, they indicate that the cut-outs are going to be similar to the size of the notch, just without the extra empty space.

In non-notch news, it also sounds as though the iPhone 14 could potentially adopt a retro design inspired by the iPhone 4, with a metallic ‘sandwich’ profile. Not much word yet on how true this is, but we’d be very excited if it did – the 2010 iPhone 4 was a high-water mark in Apple’s design history, arguably one of the most gorgeous-looking products the firm ever produced.

We’ve also heard that the iPhone 14 Pro may fix a small niggle that has nevertheless sent many Apple fans over the edge with regard to the previous phone – the fact that the radius of the corners of the iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t match the radius of the camera bump. Minor? Yes, but those who care, really do care, and as such, it’s been indicated that the iPhone 14 Pro will have rounder corners to match the camera bump.

What about colours? The entry-level iPhone 14, if rumours are true, will be available in Green, Purple, Blue, Black, White and Red, while the iPhone 14 Pro will come in Green, Purple, Silver, Gold, and Graphite. That’s right – no more pink iPhone! Could be quite a controversial decision if it turns out to be true.

Is this what a notch-less iPhone 14 could look like? (Image credit: svetapple)

Also, on the subject of things not mentioned, you may have noticed that we didn’t bring up an iPhone 14 mini in that last paragraph. Well, that’s because there might not be one. Rumours suggest that Apple is planning to ditch the iPhone 14 mini, following less-than-edifying sales of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. Indeed, it seems like Apple might be going all-in on big phones, with rumours swirling around that the standard iPhone 14 model may also be available in giant size.

On the subject of build, you may be interested to learn that the iPhone 14 could be the first iPhone to feature a titanium body. This would make it both lighter and more durable, as well as more resistant to scratches and corrosion. We’ve already seen titanium in some Apple Watch models, but even the high-end iPhone 13 Pro only comes in stainless steel.

Yeah, this probably isn’t going to happen (Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

And finally, there are some buck-wild, pie-in-the-sky concepts that are almost certainly never going to happen, but you never know. The sliding iPhone 14 concept that’s done the rounds online might be the wildest one we’ve seen – and believe us, there’s nothing to suggest that Apple has been working on sliding screen tech. But as we said, you never know, and sometimes fan-made ideas have translated into real products, like this iPad mini concept that’s now very much real.

A fan-made render of the iPhone 14 (Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

iPhone 14: Tech specs

A fan-made render of the iPhone 14 (Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 14 is expected to feature an improved chip – with the 13 packing the new A15, we’ll take a wild guess and say the 14 might introduce the A16. Reports suggest this could be Apple’s first 4nm chip, with the A15 coming in at 5nm. Fewer processes reduces a chip’s actual footprint while simultaneously offering better efficiency, performance and battery life – in short, the smaller nm, the better

On which note, a report that appeared in February suggests that a new, less-power hungry 5G chip will make battery life an area that will see dramatic improvement across the iPhone 14 line up. The rumoured 6nm 5G chip would be a physically smaller chip with lower power consumption, offering a double plus for battery life since a smaller chip means more space for the battery, but the chop itself would also require less power.

As for storage, we’ve heard that the iPhone 14 might bring the first 2TB iPhone into existence (the current highest is 1TB). It’s suggested that the larger storage will cater for a higher quality camera.

Finally, it looks like one specific feature fans have been wanting for a long time may not make it to the iPhone 14. USB-C has reached the iPad line up, with the Pro, Air and mini all adopting the tech in recent years. But according to leaks that emerged in April, iPhone users are going to have to make do with the Lightning port for yet another year. That means we’ll still have to use a dongle for connecting to most external devices. That said, the report does suggest the Lightning port will be an enhanced version capable of faster transfers at USB 3.0 speeds rather than 2.0.

iPhone 14: Camera

Will the iPhone 14’s front-facing camera come complete with autofocus? We really hope so (Image credit: Apple)

One of the most recent rumours to land is going to be of great interest to anyone obsessed with selfies. There is talk that the iPhone 14 feature a front-facing camera complete with autofocus and additional lens element. Apple tends to focus much of of the iPhone’s updates on the rear cameras, so if this turns out to be true it will be a surprising but welcome (and somewhat overdue, some might say) upgrade.

This latest prediction was shared by tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who, up to this point, has a pretty good track record for accurate Apple rumours. We won’t know for sure until Apple finally unveils the shiny new device, but an autofocus feature element on the front camera is definitely a feature we’d like to see.

Speaking of the camera, rumour has it the iPhone 14 will feature a whopping 48MP sensor, capable of producing 8K video. If that’s the case, the rest of the models in our best camera phones roundup had better start making an iPhone 14-shaped space. And it seems we could finally be in for a periscope lens, which could mean zoom capabilities of up to 50x. That said, recent reports have also claimed that the periscope lens might not arrive until the iPhone 15, so we could have a little longer to wait on that front.

iPhone 14: features

Are we in for an always-on display? (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

One of the most persistent rumours we’ve heard is that the iPhone 14 line up (or at least some of it) is in line for an always-on display. This could allow basic information such as the time, date, and notifications to remain on-screen without needing to press the power button.

While the super-smooth 120HZ refresh rate of Apple’s ProMotion tech made its way to the iPhone 13 Pro phones, it’s expected to be extended to cover the whole iPhone 14 line-up this year. That would mean a feature once limited to the iPad Pro would finally become mainstream.

We’ve also heard that Touch ID could finally return, just like it did with iPad Air and iPad mini 6. As many a frustrated iPhone user will attest, Face ID isn’t an ideal way of unlocking the phone while wearing a mask. And some rumours even suggest the tech could be housed under the display rather than the power button – although this might be limited to the ‘Pro’ models. Or, it might not happen at all.

And it sounds like Apple could be planning a major U(SB)-turn with the iPhone 14, finally offering USB-C to the masses. Allowing for faster charging than Lightning and much greater flexibility with accessories, USB-C has been a mainstay on fans’ wishlists for a few years now.

Time will tell what Apple has in store on 7th September, and we’ll keep this page updated with every rumour and leak that comes along. If you want the best iPhone experience available now, check out today’s best iPhone 13 deals below.

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