Apple Watch is Getting Revamped in watchOS 10

Thanks to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we’ve learned that the upcoming watchOS 10 will have a heavy focus on widgets! Wow! Let’s talk about it.

In Mark’s weekly newsletter, Power On, he gives us the details:

But now Apple is trying something different. As part of watchOS 10, the company is planning to bring back widgets and make them a central part of the interface.

Mark Gurman

Mark tells us that not only will widgets be a major feature in watchOS 10, the widgets themselves will be totally revamped vs. the previous system – called Glances:

The plan is to let users scroll through a series of different widgets — for activity tracking, weather, stock tickers, calendar appointments and more — rather than having them launch apps.

Mark Gurman

This move will surely be popular! watchOS apps have been less than popular in a sense that people just want Apple Watch to function as best it can – not necessarily hunt for another app to solve a problem.

The announcement of watchOS 10 comes alongside a ton of other products and software to be part of June’s WWDC event. There will surely be more reports and more rumors coming out before the event itself!

Apple’s 2023 WWDC – June 5 through June 9!

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