Armourcoat creates durable clay wall covering as “ecological alternative to paint”

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Surfacing brand Armourcoat has launched a range of textured, biodegradable wall plaster surfaces that combine the natural appearance of clay with enhanced durability.

The brand created Clime, which has been shortlisted in the sustainable design building product category in this year’s Dezeen Awards, to offer a sustainable wall covering choice for interiors.

Armourcoat added hydraulic lime to clay plaster to make the material more durable

“Clime was designed to create an elegant natural plaster surface with low embodied carbon and a long-lasting, durable finish,” said Armourcoat.

“It has been thoughtfully formulated to minimise the impact on the environment and offer a truly ecological decorative alternative to paint or other wall coverings.”

Clime wall coverings have textured surfaces

Armourcoat created Clime by combining unfired clay and limestone with hydraulic lime to make it more head-wearing and suitable for busy domestic and commercial interiors.

According to the brand, the material is biodegradable, recyclable, cement-free and VOC-free, which is why it achieved Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort (IAC) Gold status.

It comes in a range of earthy colours

“There has been a lot of interest focused on clay plasters as a sustainable option for wall finishes, however after extensive research and evaluation, we concluded that despite the wonderful qualities of clay, clay-only plasters are unfortunately extremely fragile and soften almost immediately when exposed to water,” said Armourcoat.

“By developing a natural binder made from roughly equal amounts of clay and hydraulic lime, we believe we have achieved the optimum balance – naturally sustainable, low in embodied carbon and retaining the raw aesthetic of clay-only plasters while being resilient enough to be used as a wall finish with true longevity.”


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Available in two finishes, Clime Honed has a subtly textured surface, while Clime Course has a rougher texture designed to have a dramatic appearance, achieved by adding recycled crushed marble.

The surfacing is prepared by blending natural materials into a powder form at Armourcoat’s factory in the UK and then mixed with water on-site to produce the plaster.

Clime is available in different textured patterns

Aiming to create a wall covering that looks appealing and contributes to healthy indoor environments, Armourcoat claims the plaster has a natural breathable finish that absorbs toxins from the air, helps regulate internal humidity and is resistant to mould and mildew.

It comes in 15 natural hues and custom textured finishes such as banding, layering and pearlescent washes.

The plaster aims to be an ecological alternative to other wall coverings

“Clime plasters create healthy interiors with beautiful finishes in tune with nature and engaging traditional decorative skills, absorbing toxins and reducing asthma and other respiratory diseases,” said Armourcoat.

“It is beautifully aesthetic, bringing the outside in through its earthy natural pigments and textures.”

Other projects shortlisted in the Dezeen Awards sustainable design building product category include organically shaped modules that create permeable barriers on the coastline to limit erosion and colourful surface tiles made from paper waste.

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