“Art But Make It Sports”: Side-Splitting Comparisons Shared By This Instagram Page

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“Oberon, Titania, And Puck With Fairies Dancing” By William Blake, 1786

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to compare athletes and artworks, you might want to check out this Instagram account. It has more than 88,000 followers who enjoy its witty and unexpected matches.

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“The Death Of Achilles” By Peter Paul Rubens, 1630s

“Golconda” By René Magritte, 1953

“Kyle And The Influence” By Jamie Wyeth, 2000

“The Dance” By André Derain, 1906

“Untitled (Taxidermy Horse In Wall)” By Maurizio Cattelan, 2007

“Barbara (Ant 113)” By Yves Klein, 1960

“The Crucifixion Of Saint Peter With A Donor” By Northern French Painter, 1450s

“For Handel (Blue By Drew Boxold)” By Mark Di Suvero, 1975

“Saints Michael And Francis” By Juan De Flandes, 1505-09

“A Pointer And A Duck” By Arthur James Stark, Mid-19th Century

“Saint Cosmas And Saint Damian Salvaged” By Fra Angelico, 1438-40

“Love” By Gustav Klimt, 1895

“Ossian And Malvina” By Johann Peter Krafft, 1810

“The Archangel Michael” By Cavaliere D’arpino, 1624-26

“The Pentecost” By Bernard Van Orley, 1530

“The Burial Of The Sardine” By Francisco Goya, 1812-19

“Cake Rows” By Wayne Thiebaud, 1962

“The Battle Of The Lapiths And Centaurs” By Sebastiano Ricci, 1705-10

“La Défense (The Call To Arms)” By Auguste Rodin, 1912-18

“The Lamentation” By Luis De Morales, 1560

“Stigmatization Of St Francis” By Giotto, 1297-1300

“The Angel Of Peace” By Walter Crane, 1900

“Relief Of Clapping Women”, Middle Kingdom, 2051-2000 B.c

“Self-Portrait” By Joseph Ducreux, 1783

“The Triumph Of Bacchus” By Diego Velázquez, 1628-29

“Saint Lucy Before The Judge” By Lorenzo Lotto, 1532

“The Sacrifice Of Isaac” By Rembrandt, 1635

“The Dentist” By Jan Molenaer, 1629

“Flying Home: Harlem Heroes And Heroines” By Faith Ringgold, 1996


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