Artist Creates Tiny Sculptures In The Size Of Gnats; Here, Dinosaur Edition

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Marie Cohydon, an artist, was inspired by the film Jurassic Park and her son’s love for dinosaurs to create a collection of microsculptures. She began with a tyrannosaur, spending around a hundred hours on each piece to capture the right proportions and expressions.

Using a microscope, a scalpel, and paintbrush hairs, she first creates the skeleton, then sculpts with hardened glue, and finally applies watercolor paint for the finishes. Despite the challenges of working on such a small scale, where a paintbrush hair represents only 0.1 mm and the tools are often too large, she embraces the delicate nature of her work and the unique life of a microsculptor.

More: Marie Cohydon h/t: boredpanda


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