Atlas Concorde showcases stone-effect tiles on Dezeen Showroom

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Dezeen Showroom: Italian ceramics brand Atlas Concorde has advertised a selection of its most recently released tiles on Dezeen Showroom.

The brand’s Boost Mineral surface and wall tiles have a compacted, granular finish informed by sedimentary stone found in the Ardennes Plateau in Belgium.

The Boost Mineral collection is suitable for a range of outdoor and indoor settings

The range includes five tiles that come in different shades of grey and have a three-dimensional texture.

Thanks to their hardy materiality, the tiles can be used on walls and floors both indoors and outdoors, providing the potential to create continuity between open and enclosed areas.

Marvel Onyx tiles can be specified for walls and floors as well as kitchen bathroom surfaces

Marvel Onyx surfaces aim to mimic the dramatic striations found in naturally quarried onyx stone.

White, champagne, pearl grey, black, light blue and pink colours are included in the range, which share a highly polished and reflective finish.

Marvel Meraviglia Decor tiles provide a layer of visual interest in bathrooms and other spaces

The brand’s Marvel Meraviglia Decor tiles present the natural qualities of marble in complex geometric patterned formats.

Zaha Hadid Architects collaborated with Atlas Concorde on Diamond Decor named after its appearance that mimics the facets of a cut diamond.

3D Wall Plaster creates dynamic walls in interiors

Ancient construction techniques inform 3D Wall Plaster wall coverings, characterised by gestural and textural strokes across the surfaces.

The tiles come in five styles – Origami, Bloom, Jasmine, Combed and Barcode – all of which are hand-crafted from plaster through the use of chisels, brushes, trowels and combs.

Tiles in the Marvel Meraviglia tile collection can be used both inside and out

Named after a coveted strain of natural marble named Calacatta Meraviglia, the Marvel Meraviglia tile collection have faithfully-replicated striations but are made from porcelain.

Dark and light-toned finishes make up the collection, providing a range of white to greyscale finish options.

Blending reflective and matt sections increases the tile’s naturalism

Atlas Concorde was founded in 1969 and began producing porcelain tiles in 1998 from its factory in Italy.

Since then, the brand has grown to establish outlets and client bases internationally, providing surfaces for both public and private clients and projects.

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