Autex Acoustics releases acoustic products that blend into a variety of interiors

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Dezeen Showroom: acoustic treatment brand Autex Acoustics has listed a selection of its sound-dampening products on Dezeen Showroom, including panels that mimic the appearance of wood and stone.

Travertine and marble have been used in decoration for thousands of years and remain popular finishes in contemporary interior design schemes.

Panels from the Stone collection have distinctive striation-like details

Autex Acoustics has tapped into this enduring trend via its Stone collection, which features acoustic panels that combine the aesthetics of veined stone with sound-absorbing benefits.

Like other products in the brand’s catalogue, the surfaces provide an affordable and flexible alternative to conventional acoustic cladding in a diverse selection of patterns, according to Autex Acoustics.

Acoustic Timber comes in three application formats

Another natural material that the brand has referenced through its range of sound-dampening items is wood – Acoustic Timber is informed by the knots and grain patterns present in real wooden veneers.

Baffles, tiles and panels are included in the collection, which offers a range of patterns that take cues from different wood species including pine, ash, oak, eucalyptus and walnut.

The Frontier acoustic range is designed to create a wave effect on interior surfaces

Designed specifically for ceilings and walls, the brand’s Frontier system comprises 100 per cent polyester fibre shapes that help control noise levels.

Available in fins or rafts in a spectrum of 21 colourways, the placement of each panel can be customised with an adjustable channel and clip system.

Composition wall coverings can be arranged to create a variety of patterns

Composition is also a product with sound-dampening properties and is durable enough for use in high-traffic environments.

The surfaces are installed with a drop technique similar to the way traditional wallpaper is hung.

Panels can be router-cut into various designs

Another acoustic system by the brand is its Groove product, a customisable router-cut panel system that offers patterned finishes for walls and ceilings.

The panels have a self-adhesive backing for easy installation and customisation options include six pattern suggestions and five angles.

Groove wall panels are available in a spectrum of colours

Autex Acoustics was founded in 1967 and specialises in the design of sound-dampening products for offices and mixed-use interiors.

The brand now has showrooms across the UK, the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

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