AV-Comparatives Unveils Results of Its 2023 Advanced Threat Protection Tests for market leading Enterprise and Consumer Cybersecurity Products

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AV-Comparatives has released the results of 15 consumer and enterprise security products from its 2023 Advanced Threat Protection Test

Tests show leading security software excels in blocking targeted threats, with vendors consistently upping their defenses.”
Andreas Clementi, founder and CEO, AV-Comparatives

INNSBRUCK, Austria, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Advanced Threat Protection Test conducted by AV-Comparatives employs a diverse array of attack scenarios, challenging the tested security programs to thwart advanced threats. These threats encompass various techniques designed to evade detection by security software, including fileless attacks, code obfuscation, and the utilisation of legitimate operating system tools. The disguise of malicious code further complicates detection, while the exploitation of legitimate system programs for malicious purposes enables cybercriminals to operate discreetly, eluding security measures.

AV-Comparatives Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Test 2023

Within the Advanced Threat Protection Tests, AV-Comparatives integrates hacking and penetration techniques that simulate attackers gaining unauthorized access to internal computer systems. The testing protocols are based on a subset of the Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTP) outlined in the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. Additionally, the tests incorporate a false alarm assessment to ensure that security products do not inundate users with unnecessary alerts.

In this comprehensive evaluation, seven consumer antivirus products and eight enterprise endpoint-security solutions for Windows underwent rigorous testing, focusing on their capabilities to defend against complex, targeted threats. All tested products, both for consumers and enterprises, were subjected to defend against 15 distinct and intricate targeted attacks.

The tested enterprise endpoint security products included: Avast Ultimate Business Security, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Premium, CrowdStrike Falcon Pro, ESET PROTECT Entry with ESET PROTECT Cloud, G Data Endpoint Protection Business, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select with KSC, VIPRE Endpoint Detection and Response, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard.

Remarkably, all eight enterprise products listed above successfully blocked at least eight out of fifteen advanced attacks, earning them AV-Comparatives’ coveted ATP Enterprise Certification.

The consumer security programs tested included: Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Free Antivirus, Avira Prime, Bitdefender Internet Security, ESET Internet Security, G Data Total Security, and Kaspersky Standard.

Among these, six products achieved either the “ADVANCED” or “ADVANCED+” rating.

The report of the 2023 Advanced Threat Protection Test reports can be downloaded free of charge from the institute’s website: https://www.av-comparatives.org/testmethod/advanced-threat-protection-tests/

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AV-Comparatives is an independent organisation offering systematic testing to examine the efficacy of security software products and mobile security solutions. Using one of the largest sample collection systems worldwide, it has created a real-world environment for truly accurate testing. AV-Comparatives offers freely accessible results to individuals, news organisations and scientific institutions. Certification by AV-Comparatives provides a globally recognised official seal of approval for software performance.


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