B&B Studio Reimagines UK’s Biggest Plant-Based Supermarket, The Vegan Kind

The Vegan Kind is the UK’s largest vegan supermarket and subscription service. As the brand has grown, so has their need for a new identity system, so they enlisted the help of B&B Studio to cultivate their brand’s positioning and branding.

B&B embraced the brand’s pioneering presence by emphasizing the low impact of plant-based shopping and the use of vibrant yet muted colors. The bubbly illustrations and friendly typography allow The Vegan Kind to feel approachable, welcoming, and accessible, something that Vegan products aren’t always known for. This script flip was a warm welcome to the market and allowed The Vegan Kind to be known for its inclusivity.

With increasing numbers of people embracing plant-based living, B&B studio has partnered with The Vegan Kind, the UK’s biggest vegan supermarket and subscription box service, refining the brand’s positioning for a more vegan-friendly future, and reimagining its brand identity to attract a greater breadth of consumers – from the most virtuous of vegans to the most flexible of flexitarians. 

Tomorrow’s Store Today

As mainstream supermarkets increase the amount of plant-based products available in their aisles, it was crucial for The Vegan Kind to reassert its authority as the vegan leader – and clearly position its store as the ultimate destination for this retail trajectory. Combining an online supermarket, subscription boxes, and a valuable social media presence, The Vegan Kind brand truly is a virtual market square for the vegan community. B&B has built on this pioneering presence, reasserting the brand’s values of community, collaboration, customer service and carbon neutrality to create a future-focused brand with an uncompromising clarity of purpose. With an increased emphasis on the low impact of plant-based shopping, the renewed brand seeks to attract contemporary consumers who want to live in a sustainable way.

Vegan Kindness

Inspired by The Vegan Kind name, the new branding builds on the theme of compassion, evolving the brand’s original heart device into the V of the new logotype. With a relaxed and friendly hand-drawn feel, the new logo inspires its own visual language – a freehand marker pen style that lends itself both to messaging and illustration. These bold black graphics are offset by a suite of vibrant but subtly muted colours that bring a natural energy to the brand across both digital and printed applications. The message of kindness is also captured in a set of new values-driven icons – Planetkind, Animalkind, and Humankind – helping consumers navigate and differentiate third party product benefits, such as sustainable, cruelty-free or fairly-traded.

Lisa Desforges, Head of Strategy at B&B studio, says: “As a brand, The Vegan Kind has always been ahead of its time in terms of its commitment to plant-based living, community-building and carbon-offsetting. It was a such a pleasure to help ensure the brand remains on course for an incredibly bright future as we all catch up with their vision.”

Scott McCullouch, Co-Founder of The Vegan Kind adds: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make plant-based choices. The new brand really delivers on our need to feel welcoming and inclusive, but also inspiring and informative. Our mission is to make plant-based living effortless, and our re-brand is going to welcome a whole new audience to The Vegan Kind.”

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