Beautiful Winning Photos Of The Birdlife Australia Photography Awards 2023

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Backyard Birds: Winner – Song of the Superb by Nikki Kenwrick

We are thrilled to present the awe-inspiring winning images from the eagerly awaited BirdLife Australia Photography Awards 2023! With a staggering 6,000 entries that display the extraordinary skills of Australia’s premier bird photographers, our respected panel of judges undertook the daunting task of choosing nine winners from each category out of an impressive shortlist of 68 mesmerizing photos. Kudos to the worthy winners!

We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, Nikon Australia and the Lake Cowal Foundation, whose generous contributions were instrumental in ensuring the 2023 Awards were a tremendous success. Their dedication mirrors a mutual commitment to the preservation of birds and their habitats, aligning with BirdLife Australia’s hundred-year mission of protecting these splendid creatures and their ecosystems.

As we revel in the variety and splendor of Australia’s birdlife through these exceptional photographs, we express our profound gratitude to Nikon Australia and the Lake Cowal Foundation for their priceless support in advocating for bird conservation through the 2023 Awards.

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Backyard Birds: Finalist – Urban sentinel by Stephen Spence

Backyard Birds: Finalist – Seeing double by Shirley Hitschmann

Backyard Birds: Finalist – Petals of light by Nathan Watson

Backyard Birds: Finalist – Into the light by Michelle Gardner

Bird Behaviour: Winner – Pollen Shower by Guy Draper

Bird Behaviour: Finalist – Bloomsome by Cheng Kang

Bird Behaviour: Finalist – The morning dance by Lawrence Chan

Bird Behaviour: Finalist – Have you heard the one about… by Franciscus Scheelings

Bird Behaviour: Finalist – Gang-gang jibber jabber by Ben Harvey

Bird Portrait: Winner – Piercing by Colin Driscoll

Bird Portrait: Finalist – Caught in the rain by Jacqui Davey

Bird Portrait: Finalist – Cityslicker by Nathan Watson

Bird Portrait: Finalist – Cockatoo close-up by Kate Burgess

Bird Portrait: Finalist – Yin and Yang by James Bowden

Birds In Flight: Winner – Fingertips by Kate Burgess

Birds In Flight: Finalist – Airborne Grebe by Nathan Watson

Birds In Flight: Finalist – Where there is smoke there is fire by Martin Anderson

Birds In Flight: Finalist – Leapfrog by Jason Moore

Birds In Flight: Finalist – Sibling rivalry by Emma Parker

Birds In The Landscape: Winner – Morning! Time to get moving by Veronica McPhail

Birds In The Landscape: Finalist – Caped Crusader by Veronica McPhail

Birds In The Landscape: Finalist – Wetlands dawn by Diana Andersen

Birds In The Landscape: Finalist – New Holland Honeyeater – wetland setting by Daniel Cavell

Birds In The Landscape: Finalist – Rainbow Bee-eaters by Jason Moore

Human Impact: Winner – Curlew construction consideration by Gregory Abbott

Human Impact: Finalist – Anguish by Kim Wormald

Human Impact: Finalist – Crime scene by Katherine Firth

Human Impact: Finalist – Helpless by Bruno Urquhart

Human Impact: Finalist – Escaping the skyscrapers by Nathan Watson

Special Theme: Winner – Jambalaya on the Bayou by Jason Moore

Special Theme: Finalist – Big Chief by Michael Toms

Special Theme: Finalist – Water trails by Rebecca Harrison

Special Theme: Finalist – David & Goliath by David Stowe

Special Theme: Finalist – Silhouetted Stilt by Nathan Watson

Youth: Winner – Wings spread by Tai M

Youth: Finalist – Sugar addict by D’Artagnan Sprengel

Youth: Finalist – Warbling by Austin Ridley-Jarvis

Youth: Finalist – Please ‘Stand UP 4 Nature’ by Spencer Hitchen

Portfolio: Winner – Where there is smoke there is fire by Martin Anderson


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