Best of Home Furnishings Posts of 2021

Best of Home Furnishings Posts of 2021

10. 20 Modern Products To Create Your Own Cozy Norwegian Cabin at Home
The pandemic had us scouring the internet for interior inspiration and we landed on a snow cabin in Norway that gave us all the cozy feels with its Scandinavian furnishings. That sent us on the hunt for modern products we could add to our own space and we landed on 20 to help us create our own Norwegian cabin at home.

9. Parachute Is Making It Harder to Get Out of Bed With a New Furniture Line
Parachute has built a cult following for their line of luxurious bedding, which eventually expanded to lounge wear and mattresses. This year, they’re making it even harder for you to get out of bed with their first-ever collection of furniture, starting with three upholstered bed frames in seven fabrication options.

8. The Table Cápsula Was Designed For Professionals Working From Home
Designed by architects Bruna Louise and Arthur Mansur of Mombá Arquitectura, the Table Cápsula accommodates the needs of those who work from home while providing a solution for separating work life from home life. The multipurpose table functions as a writing desk that, after putting the “office” away into the drawers, can be used as a console table or sideboard.

orange sculptural table with plants

7. Grow on Me Tables Bring People + Plants Together
If you’re a plant lover, you’ll appreciate After Architecture’s Grow on Me tables that integrate your beloved houseplants further into everyday living. Planters are nestled into each cylindrical table leg, the legs then support square tabletops that can pivot to create non-traditional seating layouts. The ultimate point of Grow on Me is to bring plants and human interaction together into one symbiotic system.

kitchen with lower metallic cabinets

6. Reform Collaborates With Jean Nouvel on a Kitchen That Reflects
Copenhagen-based Reform collaborated with Paris-based architect, Jean Nouvel, whose radiant design turns kitchen cabinets into art. Reflect features high-gloss steel fronts with vertical ridges that create reflective drawer and door fronts. While the design is minimalist overall, Nouvel brings his signature theatrical aesthetic to the mix with the dramatic black or untreated metal fronts.

kohler x daniel arsham sink

5. Kohler and Daniel Arsham Design a 3D-Printed Ceramic Sink Inspired by Rocks
Kohler and artist Daniel Arsham united in a unique collaboration that merges installation art and sink design. Equipped with Kohler’s technology to 3D print with clay, Kohler designed the innovative Rock.01, a ceramic vessel with an organic form similar to river rocks. The 3D-printed sink rests on top of a cast-iron “rock” in a brushed patina to create a dynamic interplay that’s often seen in Arsham’s work.

4. Trone Toilets Might Be the Coolest Toilets on the Planet
For the last century or so, not much has changed when it comes to toilet design unless you’re talking about Japanese toilets with integrated bidets. Then along comes French brand Trone who might possibly make the coolest toilets on earth. They will certainly have every guest talking at your next get together, where everyone will be congregating in the bathroom instead of in the kitchen to admire your new bathroom sculpture!

colorful abstract bench on concrete floor in front of white wall

Pebbles Armchair

3. Objects for Living: Collection II Is Furniture Daniel Arsham Wants to Live With
Daniel Arsham lands on our list again, this time with a furniture collection created using motifs taken from his daily life. Some of the playful pieces take on a free sculpture look that resulted from experimenting with his children’s Play-Doh! Within the series you’ll find an armchair, bench, table, chair, desk lamp, floor lamp, and wall art that are playful and sure to make you smile.

wooden Lego block storage drawers in styled bedroom

2. LEGO Rolls Out a Collection of Wooden Home Accessories
LEGO sends you back in time to your childhood with the help of their first ever collection of wooden home accessories. Created in partnership with Room Copenhagen, they’re designed to elevate your space with a range of picture frames, wall hangers, book racks, and desk drawers, all resembling the iconic plastic bricks we all know and love (until we step on one!) except in FSC-certified Red Oak wood.

And the most popular home furnishings post of 2021 is…

1. The Belt Furniture Collection by Claudio Larcher Design Studio
Designer Claudio Larcher launched a new furniture collection under his eponymous design studio. Named Belt Furniture, the clever collection of perforated metal cabinets is characterized by belts that run along the sides, with four wheels that allow for movement of each piece. While the neon green belts look cool, they’re used for more than aesthetic reasons, allowing the furniture to be hooked and moved more easily.

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