BetRoyale: Redefining the Landscape of Crypto Gaming and Trading – A Better Alternative to Rollbit?

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Amsterdam, Netherlands , Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While Rollbit has established itself as a prominent player in the realm of crypto casinos and trading platforms since its inception in 2019, a formidable contender has emerged: BetRoyale, also known as The Kings Casino. BetRoyale’s rapid ascent stems from its comprehensive offerings, including a diverse array of slot games, a sportsbook, and live gaming experiences, all coupled with seamless crypto transactions for enhanced accessibility and convenience, as well as an easy and fast onboarding to start playing.
The innovative platform recently launched its loyalty token: $BCRN (Crowns). With this announcement, they could completely take over the Web3 online casino space. Their presale just started and they already have some big strategic partners backing them. 

Why are investors bullish on $BCRN?

Despite its relatively new entry into the market, BetRoyale has rapidly amassed a substantial user base, currently just over 10,000 players. With the growth of the online gambling industry, which is predicted to expand further in the next few years, especially into the Web3 sector, BetRoyale holds large promise for growth.
By taking a very different approach to the GambleFi narrative, there are a few key features that show promise and higher potential than that of RLB and here’s why:

BetRoyale’s Unique Platform features: 

– A Fully licenced and Audited Crypto Casino.
– Deflationary Buy Back & Burn & Distribution to players.
– Rakeback: receive a percentage based on the token holding back.
– Tokenized Luxury Assets Marketplace (The first of a kind).
– Custom Branded Crypto Slot Games with token integration.
– Initial Gambling Offers – Gamblefi to earn prelaunch tokens.
– The Kings Bank – Defi Gamble ecosystem to retain liquidity.
– Daily vesting with deposit bonus to hypercompound revenue.

BetRoyale is one of the few Crypto Casinos that can boast a Curaçao gambling license, making it a safe bet for investors and players alike.

In addition, security firm Solid Proof conducted an audit of the project’s smart contract and no major issues were flagged.

Endless Passive Income: BetRoyale Rewards Stakers and Boosts Token Value

BetRoyale goes beyond offering thrilling games. It also features an innovative staking program designed to deliver a reliable stream of passive income for participants, solidifying their position as integral members of the ecosystem.
Here’s how BetRoyale incentivizes and rewards loyalty through staking:
Sustainable Staking Rewards: A portion of the platform’s revenue fuels generous APYs, rewarding users with $BCRN tokens for simply holding their stake. This allows for the passive growth of token holdings over time.
Exclusive Royal Care Packages: BetRoyale surprises loyal stakers with “Royal Care Packages,” gifting free spins and bonus money to enhance their gaming experience and add an extra layer of excitement.
Enhanced Bonus Offers: Staking unlocks VIP treatment with exclusive bonus offers. Users can enjoy lower wagering requirements or increased bonus amounts, leading to even more rewarding gameplay.

BetRoyale’s focus on long-term value creation

The platform strategically repurchases tokens with casino revenue, boosting demand and potentially increasing the value of everyone’s $BCRN holdings by burning 50% of what is bought.
The remaining 50% of repurchased tokens are reinvested back into the ecosystem, fostering continuous growth and sustainability for all participants.

A One of a Kind Tokenized Luxury Assets Marketplace

BetRoyale is the first web3 online casino to integrate a tokenized asset marketplace. This innovative feature allows players to purchase luxury items like designer clothing, jewellery, watches and more at exclusive discounts of up to 60%.
This unique offering transcends the typical online casino experience by seamlessly blending luxury retail opportunities with gamified elements. 
The marketplace caters to high-end players seeking exclusive access to coveted luxury items at attractive prices, fostering deeper engagement with the BetRoyale brand and potentially encouraging increased wagering activity.

A High-Rollers Paradise: Collateralized Lending with a Luxurious Twist

With the introduction of Kings Bank, a revolutionary collateralized lending service inspired by the high-stakes world of luxury and iconic films like “Casino Royale.” This innovative offering empowers players by allowing them to leverage their valuable possessions as collateral, replacing traditional cash or cryptocurrency deposits.
Kings Bank operates on a simple yet alluring premise:
Players can submit luxury items they own, such as designer watches, exquisite jewellery, or even art pieces, as collateral to obtain instant credit for gameplay on the BetRoyale platform.
This system allows players to engage in thrilling gaming experiences without having to liquidate their potentially appreciating crypto assets or deplete their cash reserves and have the option to reclaim their cherished collateral alongside their winnings, enjoying the dual satisfaction of victory and asset retention.

The Future of The King’s Casino – A Pivot Point for iGaming

The $BCRN token will launch at the end of Q1 2024, but what comes after that? shows a very enticing future for its investors and long-term holders and here is where no other casino has come close to this project’s superior strategy and overall industry experience.
Throughout the year 2024 the company will continue to strengthen its stronghold in the web3 space and continue to release its innovative ecosystem features, and towards the end of the year work on its own Branded Games Studio, followed by a revolutionary strategy to utilise its vast gambling b2b network of tier one partners within the web2 space and provide them with a ready platform to incubate and launch them into the web3 space.
By leveraging the massive network that BetRoyale holds within the traditional gambling space and assisting to propel them into web3, investors are poised to see incredible success through $BCRN.
While Rollbit presents a promising future, let’s not crown it king just yet with the current predicted gains of RLB in 2024. Betroyale shows real promise to be the next project with 100x potential and is still in its infancy, providing investors with cheap entry and guaranteed gains. By investing now, investors are guaranteed a 3X on-launch, and further than that has the potential to soar higher than its competitors and gain serious authority in the market.

Time is ticking, join Betroyale at its cheapest today

The good news is that the $BCRN token is still on presale, allowing you to get positioned at the early adopter prices.
$BCRN has a multitude of utilities and serves to increase as their developments progress over time.
You just missed the Pre-seed sale price of $0.006, but worry not the Pre-sale is currently selling the token for $0.008 which is stage 1 out of 17 as the price will incrementally increase with each stage. 
Users can purchase $BCRN through multiple chains by going to the

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation for investment, nor is it intended as investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended you practice due diligence, including consultation with a professional financial advisor, before investing in or trading cryptocurrency and securities.

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