Blockchain gaming ecosystem Crystal Fun secured $5M seed funding, and initiated first AAA game OUTER Testing II

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Singapore, Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a groundbreaking stride for the Web3 gaming pioneer, Crystal Fun, a decentralized gaming mega-ecosystem and studio has secured a $ 5,000,000 investment in its seed round funding. This monumental achievement paves the way for Testing II’s release of OUTER, its premier 3A title. A year of innovation and development has transformed Crystal Fun from its origins as Crystal Lab, a blockchain gaming studio, into a blockchain ecosystem platform. This expansion has emerged from a single sci-fi game to a robust and sustainable economic framework for its games in the ecosystem.

This investment round was led by elite institutions such as Kucoin Ventures、Actoz Soft、Waterdrip Capital、Comma3 Ventures, Stratified Capital, Cypher9 Ventures、Aelf Ventures 、W Labs, and Masvers, underscoring the market’s robust confidence in Crystal Fun’s visionary blueprint. Notably, Actoz Soft, celebrated for its iconic titles like “The Legend” and “Thousand Years”, Crystal Fun’s team comprises gaming development and operation elites from renowned firms like Ubisoft, Gameloft, Glu, Tencent, Shanda Game, and Actoz. Their goal is to integrate blockchain technology with high-quality, playable games, and to build a sustainable gaming economic model to pioneer a new Web3 gaming experience. The raised funds will be utilized for the production and operation of our games and the platform. Currently, we have already unveiled plans to release four games: “OUTER,” “Endless War,” “StarFall,” and “Survivor.”

This round of funding is set to accelerate OUTER’s progression as Crystal Fun’s flagship 3A MMORPG, furthering its growth within the blockchain gaming industry. OUTER unfurls a vibrant tapestry of cosmic exploration, introducing a novel thematic dimension to Web3 gaming, enriched with intricate gameplay and an elaborate economic structure. OUTER is a highly free and open-ended role-playing game set against the backdrop of space exploration, representing a new theme in blockchain gaming. The game features rich gameplay and a complex economic system.

According to previous sources, during OUTER‘s Testing I, a small-scale test was conducted with 200 elite players. The 7-day retention rate reached 98.3%, with an average online duration of 12.5 hours per player and an average of 7.9 on-chain interactions per player. The primary objective of Testing II is to assess data stability as well as server performance and ensure an optimal gaming experience.

Embark on the Fantastical Journey of OUTER

Game development uses the Unity engine and harnessing PBR material systems. OUTER conjures breathtakingly realistic cosmic redering, teeming with planets and star systems. The game promises unparalleled freedom in an open-world cosmos, spanning hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets, inviting players to navigate the cosmos in customized spacecraft. With over 100 attributes and skills-set for personalization, players are empowered to craft distinctive avatars, delve into a player-driven economy, and immerse in genuine combat scenarios. The cross-platform feature and profound social system cultivate a global community of explorers, battling and building interstellar legends together. OUTER is not only for gameplay; it’s an invitation to a mindblowing interstellar odyssey.

Generous Rewards of OUTER Testing II

As OUTER Testing II looms, Crystal Fun extends an open call to cosmic adventurers globally, offering an unrivaled chance to plunge into this enthralling saga. The testing phase will unlock 4,000 slots for brave explorers, adorned with bountiful rewards including a USDT prize pool, $CFUN tokens, exclusive spaceship NFTs, access to Testing III, and unique in-game packages. There will be a variety of ways to get involved in OUTER Testing II ensures every enthusiast can seize their chance to participate.

All holders of OUTER spaceship NFTs will automatically gain eligibility by NFT snapshot on the 28th of February. NFT owners can also extend invites to friends to join OUTER by invitation code tied to their NFT holdings after the snapshot. Furthermore, NFT holders will receive different quantities of invitation codes based on the number of NFTs held, the duration of holding, and their level. These invitation codes can be used to invite more friends to join the OUTER game.

Lastly, Crystal Fun will launch a series of whitelist campaigns, ranging from Giveaways to AMAs, Discord tasks, and lotteries, optimising players’ opportunities to access Testing II.

The vision of Crystal Fun

Crystal Fun is fervently crafting the future of Web3 gaming, championing a “play-first” Blockchain Gaming ecosystem ethos. By remedying the shortcomings of Web2 gaming with blockchain ingenuity, Crystal Fun is committed to developing deeply engaging blockchain gaming projects, promising an unparalleled gaming encounter. The strategic optimization of token acquisition and expenditure mechanisms, alongside a gaming reward system, forges a unique sustainable tokenomics for games, steering clear of the blockchain gaming economic “death spiral.”Beginning with gaming, Crystal Fun aspires to evolve into a multidimensional entertainment ecosystem, spanning novels, animations, movies, themed universe parks, and more, blurring the lines between virtual and reality for an immersive entertainment journey. Moreover, with AI integration, players are not just participants but creators within the gaming ecosystem, enriching the Crystal Fun universe with diversity and depth. As the launch of OUTER Testing II draws near, Crystal Fun warmly invites every adventure enthusiast to join this cosmic voyage, to explore the boundless mysteries of the OUTER universe together, and to witness how a game studio, with an innovative spirit and steadfast financial support, opens up a new realm for Web3 gaming.

About Outer

OUTER is an AAA sci-fi open-world MMO game in the Crystal Fun gaming mega-ecosystem. Exploring uncharted galaxies by piloting spacecraft, engaging with fellow players to instigate conflict or cooperation, and partaking in interstellar warfare.

About Crystal Fun

Crystal Fun is a decentralized gaming mega-ecosystem and studio. It aims to seamlessly integrate high-quality games within sustainable economic systems, ushering in a groundbreaking gaming experience into Web3.

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