Blue + Green Hues Bring Tranquility to This Dubai Office

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Function meets aesthetic at the new Sprinklr headquarters in Dubai. Designed by interior design studio Roar, founded by Pallavi Dean, the 2,000-square-meter office has been transformed into a space that nurtures innovation and collaboration using contemporary office solutions, all the while maintaining a cohesive color palette that represents the brand’s colors. Sprinklr, an American software company, has a mission statement “to enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier,” so it’s only fitting that its headquarters reflect the quest, starting with its employees.

Dean believes in “striking the perfect balance between creative expression and pragmatic design,” which is exemplified in every corner of the office. Flexible areas have been designed specifically for impromptu collaboration, presentations, and quick huddles. Playful acoustic solutions and privacy options help foster a conducive environment for those off-the-cuff meetings.

Throughout the workplace, a sea of blues and greens create a soothing atmosphere, punctuated with an earthy terracotta and neutral gray to round out the company’s corporate identity.

An auditorium-style seating area unifies employees for larger meetings but also offers an informal space for meetups at other times. A coffee bar decked out in subway tiles completes the casual tone of the room.

Lockers located next to rows of workstations help keep tabletop clutter to a minimum. In the conference rooms, contemporary touches like arched acoustic panels and pendant lighting made with shapely tubes lend themselves to the modern aesthetic of the office.

Suspended ceilings with mirrored acrylic stickers and spherical lighting are repeated features of the office.

Photography by Chris Goldstraw.

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