Brands for a Better World: Rebekah Jensen of Sanara Skincare

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Sustainable and green skincare products have become increasingly popular due to their focus on environmentally friendly practices and natural ingredients, but have we tapped into nature’s full potential? In this episode, we embark on a rejuvenating exploration of self-care and Latin American botanicals with the insightful Rebekah Jensen, Founder of Sanara Skincare, to discuss the importance of self-care for entrepreneurs, the untapped potential of Latin American botanicals, and her battle with cancer while trying to grow her business. We delve into her self-care practices that have been a guiding light through adversity and gain invaluable insights into balancing the demands of work and rest. As usual, we end our conversation with our rapid-fire questions for Rebekah. Tune in and discover how cultural wisdom can lead to products that create an impact and enhance the soul with Rebekah Jensen! 

Key Points From This Episode:

Rebekah explains the value of self-care routines for entrepreneurs.

How solving her own skincare problems led her to launch a company.

Discover how her kitchen was the start of Sanara Skincare.

Overcoming market downturns and hurdles when launching.

Finding the gap in the market regarding Latin American botanicals.

Tapping into cultural wisdom to create a positive impact.

Rebekah’s experience of battling cancer while growing a business.

The power of reconnecting with her body and her spiritual side.

Some self-care practices that have helped Rebekah.

Keeping a balance between the demands of work and rest.

Details about Sanara Skincare’s incredible range of products.

Staying on top of the latest industry trends to keep competitive.

We end with our set of rapid-fire questions for Rebekah! 

Read the transcript and find links from the episode at Brands for a Better World.

The Brands for a Better World podcast (formerly Evolve CPG) is hosted by Gage Mitchell, founder (CEO) and Creative Director at Modern Species, a sustainable brand design agency helping better-for-the-world brand launch, evolve, and grow to scale their impact.

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