Capturing the Essence of Industrial Elegance in French Poster Art by René Ravo

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René Ravo, born in 1904 in Étampes, France, emerged as a prominent French poster designer and illustrator despite a challenging start.

Orphaned at nine, Ravo’s early ambitions in drawing were cut short by the necessity to work in automobile mechanics. This mechanical background, however, became a unique asset during his military service, enabling him to captivate advertisers with his industrial-themed designs. Starting his career in 1920 with the Puybelle agency and later working for Avenir-Publicité from 1924, Ravo eventually founded his own studio in Paris’s 9th arrondissement.

Over the years, he produced a vast array of advertisements for leading brands, contributing significantly to the art of poster design until the 1960s, when the industry began favoring photography. Residing in Andrésy (Yvelines) for much of his life, Ravo passed away in 1998 in Versailles at the age of 93. His legacy includes an impressive collection of posters spanning from the 1930s to the 1960s.



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