CCTV+: Katherine Loraine: Biking Around the Qiandao Lake

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BEIJING, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This year, the Overseas Center (ZTV-WORLD) of ZMG has launched the converged media program titled “Transformation of Zhejiang over the Past 20 Years: The Impressions of China in Foreigners’ Eyes”. This short video series, oriented to international communication, showcases China’s practices in carrying out the set blueprint by sharing captivating stories from Zhejiang.


The program’s latest episode is “Olson, Katherine Loraine: Biking Around the Qiandao Lake”. Katherine is a girl from the U.S. who completed her undergraduate studies in environmental sciences at the University of Virginia. She then pursued further studies at Nanjing University in 2015, and earned a master’s degree in environmental sciences. She is currently employed at the environmental organization Green Zhejiang.

Two decades ago, Katherine’s boss Xin Hao carried out a 2,000-kilometer-long bike tour around Zhejiang aimed at environmental exploration. The pollution he saw during the journey sent him to establish Green Zhejiang.

Today, Katherine is taking the same bike route again to witness firsthand the transformation of Zhejiang’s environment. Let’s join her as she explores the Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang’s Chun’an county. The county boasts a picturesque biking greenway around the lake, which also serves as the cycling road race track for Hangzhou Asian Games.


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