Chinese Brands Go Global: Amazon Web Services Leads the Charge in Shaping Global Expansion Success Stories

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BEIJING, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The goal of corporate globalization is building a brand with global recognition. Since the economic reforms of 1978, Chinese companies have embarked on this journey. After years of development, Chinese brands like TCL and Pop Mart have succeeded in their industries by exporting Chinese brands and gaining world recognition. They integrated high-quality products, advanced technology, innovative culture, and international management, transitioning from Chinese brands to global brands.


TCL has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) for compliance and security in its worldwide operations. Utilizing Amazon WAF, TCL monitors and protects against malicious requests, thereby defending against cyberattacks and ransomware. Additionally, TCL utilizes AWS secure data transmission, encryption, data backup storage, and access control to safeguard its data and digital security system.

Pop Mart has integrated Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, and Amazon Aurora into its online store’s transactions and inventory management. It ensures smooth operations of the store, offering consumers a more seamless shopping experience.

AWS has globally-proven operational and security expertise and compliance practices, holding 98 global certifications in security standards and compliance and offering over 300 security and compliance services and features. AWS empowers Chinese brands to gain the trust of global consumers with its strong capabilities.

TCL has localized its product design, development, manufacturing, and marketing processes, leveraging AWS to build platform that complies with local laws and regulations. In addition, the company has developed a comprehensive ecosystem comprising its smart home appliances. Pop Mart has rapidly developed its independent global e-commerce platform utilizing AWS’s extensive global infrastructure. Through precise data analysis, Pop Mart has provided consistent experiences to online and offline customers, successfully expanding its leading designer toy into international markets.

Gu Fan, the general manager of business development of AWS China, observes that Chinese companies are shifting from exporting cost-effective products to promoting Chinese brands globally. Tackling complex safety and privacy compliance regulations in various countries and regions is a crucial challenge for these brands’ international expansion. The six major capabilities of AWS, including security and compliance services, support Chinese brands stand out with incredible abilities in the global market.

For Chinese companies to attain a higher level of globalization, narrating a compelling brand story is essential. It’s advantageous for them to collaborate with global partners in innovation to explore new possibilities in global markets.


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