Colours depicting “comfort, warmth and joy will be vital” says NCS’s 2025 Colour Trends report

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Promotion: NCS Colour has released its latest colour report documenting its predicted colour trends in 2025 that highlight “a need to connect with nature”.

The trends report spotlighted the need for colour variation and hues that “transcend traditional boundaries”. According to NSC Colour, this includes a mixture of bold contrasting colours and ethereal pastel-coloured hues that have “an airier and lighter quality”.

The brand outlined four collections called Gaia, On and Off, Inner, and Ethereal, each consisting of six trending colours.

NSC Colour says that its new trends report spotlights that there is a need for colour variation

The brand described Gaia as “a tribute to nature and water”, which includes green and blue tones intending to add a calming presence to interior spaces.

Ethereal was designed to represent “light and fluid colours that bridge the physical and digital worlds”, while On and Off features bold and contrasting shades that NCS Colour said were needed due to a desire to “stay connected in a divided world”.

The brand’s report highlights hues that “transcend traditional boundaries”

The fourth palette is Inner, which includes warm and earthy tones designed to represent “subtle yet enduring strength”.

The brand said that these colour palettes represent the colours that will be trending in 2025. It believes that hues that evoke “warmth, comfort and joy” will be vital and predicts a departure from an era focused on neutral colours.

“For 2025, like the world, our colour preferences will differ quite dramatically, it is a year of big contrasts,” said creative director at NCS Colour, Karl Johan Berclsson.

The report highlights ethereal pastel-coloured hues that have “an airier and lighter quality”

NCS Colour is an international provider of colour communication solutions. Its trends forecast was researched and developed by NCS colour experts and a team of colour trend forecasters and aims to give design professionals guidance on which colours to choose for their projects.

“Predicting colour trends in an ever-complicated world is challenging,” said Elin Askfelt, CEO of NCS Colour. “We are proud to present the 2025+ trend forecast to inspire customers and offer insights into trend movements, enabling well-informed colour decisions and the creation of captivating colour harmonies across various industries.”

To learn more about the report, visit NCS Colour’s website.

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