Creative Narratives from Moscow Soho: Nidgus’ Newest Doll Designs

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Girl sauntering around the streets in the hope of ending up in front of the lens of paparazzi

The digital artist known as ‘Nidgus’ (previously featured) has unveiled a new series of unique dolls, capturing the essence of distinctive personalities found around Moscow’s upscale Patriarch’s Ponds neighborhood.

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An interviewer who’s polled more “rich” people than the editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine

Previously, Nidgus humorously portrayed various patrons of a Russian supermarket and typical Moscow residents. His latest work shifts focus to the eclectic mix of people frequenting Patriarch’s Ponds, one of Moscow’s most prestigious locales.

A courier delivering food from high-end restaurants

Patriarch’s Ponds, affectionately called ‘Patriki,’ stands out as a prime destination in Moscow, boasting lavish dining options, boutique shops, art venues, and its singular vibe. This area gained its elite status in the late 2010s, earning the moniker ‘Moscow Soho’ for its vibrant and affluent atmosphere.

Two fashionable guys just going about their business

It attracts not only those who enjoy strolling through Moscow’s historic center but also those drawn to the area’s opulent lifestyle, offering a glimpse into the lives of its well-heeled visitors.

A young woman standing around in the street flashing an enormous brand name shopping bag

A female office worker who’s having lunch in a restaurant

A man from St. Petersburg, popular among his close acquaintances, who has accidentally ended up in the camera lens

A middle-aged man in a baker boy cap. The only person in the street who actually has any money!


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