Cute Illustrations Featuring An Introverted Cat That Is Just Living Its Life

The Art Of Sleeping

According to Andrews Amoramar: “Lonecat is an introverted cat who likes to spend time by himself. This is not to say that he is antisocial, but rather that he knows how to be alone.

He is the perfect cat for introverted people. With that being said, scroll down below and meet Lonecat! Also, you can find more adventures on his Instagram page down below!”

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Bath Time

“My name is Andrews Amoramar. My style is mainly inspired by illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Tove Jansson, and more recently the animated series, Hilda by Luke Pearson. The smooth lines and also the fantastic theme of Studio Ghibli’s productions are also a source of inspiration.”

My Favorite Hobby

“When it comes to my work, once I have an idea I sketch it in my sketchbook, I usually don’t do more than one version as the idea is already well designed in my mind. The most complex ideas take more than five hours to complete. The details are always what take the most time and also the color composition as I use a very limited palette.”

A Break To Relax After Lunch And Before The Afternoon Nap

“Ideas usually come from my sketchbook where I like to put myself to scratch randomly, from this game, different characters and creatures are born. A lot of ideas come from everyday conversations with my girlfriend. Besides, I’m a cat lover and I try to use their customs and peculiarities to illustrate Lonecat’s daily life.”

I’m Not Creating A Magic Potion, It Seems Too Hard To Make. I’m Just Cooking My Dinner

“Last year I spent about three months without creating anything from Lonecat, which really discouraged me, as the project was doing very well on Instagram and after that, I lost a lot. This was mainly due to personal problems. You know the artist’s great dilemma of how to survive in the market. Currently, I work as a graphic designer and the pressure of the job market ended up making me give up what I love most. But now I’m back with everything, committing myself to my inner child not to give up on our dream.”

Shopping For A New Bed. There Were Many Models But It Was Easy To Choose

“It was surprising and gratifying to see many people being touched by the simplicity of the lonecat. Overall, they identify with the fact that he feels so good on his own and that it’s ok to be an introverted person (or a cat). I have always been a very lonely person although with many friends, so it is with many other people. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re antisocial, just that you know how to divide your time between friends, family, and yourself. Furthermore, Lonecat is a tribute to our inner children that we tend to forget as the years go by. Your dreams, dazzle with the simplest things and the joy of playing in the backyard. These things must be remembered.”

Guess What I Made For Dinner?

“What excites me the most about the creative process is creating a world for Lonecat full of fantastic characters, creatures, and places. My mind can travel between stories I’ve always wanted to read and now I can tell. Another happy moment is seeing the finished illustration. It is gratifying to see something that you imagined come true in colors, shapes, and feelings.”

Gardening Is A Great Way To Put Yourself In A Peaceful State Of Mind

“The idea to create Lonecat came from a creative unlock game with my girlfriend. She asked me to draw a quick drawing of a cat holding a dog-faced umbrella and I did. When I looked at that sketch made with little care and with crooked lines, the character smiled at me and the whole idea blossomed in my mind like a garden. He was the nice cat who lived alone in his apartment in a village full of magic showing us how good it is to be with ourselves. So I wanted to share this with everyone, thus creating Lonecat’s Instagram.”

That’s Where I Live, In A Flat Over Miss Poma’s Coffee

“I started with digital illustration about 6 years ago. I had my Wacom stored dusting for a while, but I hadn’t adapted to it, my strong point has always been the traditional illustration to which I still dedicate myself in parallel with the digital one. Currently, I have run out of material for the traditional one due to some problems, so I’ve been dedicating myself to digital illustration. However, both are of great love.”

Have I Already Said That I Love Plants?

“What moves me as an artist is the thirst for creation. Create new worlds, new beings, new stories. Create anything that moves the creative energy that moves me. Another reason is feelings. Bringing feelings into people’s hearts is a great pleasure for me, whether with an illustration, poetry, or a book.

Since I was a little boy lost in the backyard, my imagination took me to fly to the most distant and magical worlds. So the illustration was the first place where I could let this latent imagination, inherent to my being, flow.”

Lazy Day!

“I’m always open to ideas and feedback for Lonecat’s comics. If you are a cat lover and have funny stories to tell of your cat, or your time with yourself just let me know! I’m on Instagram. It will be fun.”



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