Daniel Arsham x Hot Wheels Collection Crosses the Line Between Toys + Collectibles

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Artist Daniel Arsham has made a career of turning his favorite playthings into the subject of his artwork. Arsham is also renown for his affinity for his Porsche 930 Turbo, making him a fascinating, if not delightfully unexpected Mattel’s Hot Wheels future Legends collaborator in a capsule collection that dares to cross the line between plaything and prized collectible.

At the heart of Arsham’s Future Legends miniature die-cast collection are eight Hot Wheels 1:64-scale vehicles, one including a replica of his own Porsche in an eroded state.

Arsham’s work is often described as “archaeological,” utilizing deterioration and erosion as his hallmark style across a wide range of contemporary objects: sculptures, vehicles, sports memorabilia, iconic pop cultural items, and now, Hot Wheels vehicles.

The artist’s love for Porsche is realized in the form of his own Porsche 930 Turbo in Hot Wheels form, alongside an Eroded Super Rally Case in the shape of a wheel and tire finished in the artist’s signature mythical contemporary archeological aesthetic.

The two-year collaborative project by Arsham Studio and the Mattel Creations design team first goes live October 27th with Lap One; Arsham was inspired by the heritage and history of the Rodger Dodger – a modified 1973 Dodge Charger SE with a blown V8 engine emerging from the hood.

The interior case of the Eroded Super Rally Case features eight slots for each vehicle designed for the collaboration and is a nod to the original 1968 Hot Wheels Rally Case.

Arsham credits Hot Wheels toymaker Mattel for allowing the artist to experiment with new materials and processes, leading to the unique use of Silkstone, a composite material made with bauxite mixed in a vacuum with polyester resin, then hardened at high temperature. Barbie enthusiasts may also recognize Silkstone, as it is the same material embellished with paint across the limited Barbie Signature dolls collection similar aimed at adult collectors rather than children.

Mattel Creations developed creative ways to deliver my vision by thinking outside of the box and experimenting with new materials and processes. This is the first time Silkstone has been used on a Hot Wheels model, and my first time working with this material, making it a historic moment for both of us.

– Daniel Arsham

The Mattel Creations x Daniel Arsham Hot Wheels collection, along with a selection of accessories including keychains, stickers, and a limited collection of prints to complement and commemorate the eight model collection.

While Hot Wheels are toys by definition, there’s no doubt Arsham’s collection is aimed to appeal to a growing segment of adult collectors who may not consider these miniatures as mere playthings but as historical artifacts of their own childhood memories worth cherishing.

The Mattel Creations x Daniel Arsham Hot Wheels collection, including a selection of accessories including keychains, stickers, and a limited collection of prints are available starting today on MattelCreations.com.

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