Daniel Germani creates Mondrian-informed outdoor kitchen

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Argentinian architect Daniel Germani has designed the outdoor, modular Cosmopolitan Kitchen for American brand Danver.

Recently shortlisted for a Dezeen Award, the modular kitchen draws on the aesthetics of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian‘s paintings.

Designed as part of the brand’s Cosmopolitan Collection, the stainless steel framework and colour-blocked infills of the kitchen are a direct interpretation of Mondrian’s work, which often featured bold black horizontal and vertical lines intersecting to form geometrical shapes, colour-blocked with the three primary colours: red, yellow, and blue.

The kitchen draws inspiration from artist Piet Mondrian’s work

The kitchen was designed with the aim of being colourful and allowing customers to play around with the modules to personalise their designs.

According to a report by Danver’s sister company, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, “over two-thirds of surveyed Americans view outdoor kitchens as an opportunity for playful and diverse colour choices, distinct from their indoor counterparts.”

While the aluminium framework of the kitchen is available primarily in a dark “midnight matte” finish, customers can choose from a range of primary colour combinations to personalise the stainless steel drawers and slatted shelves.

The kitchen is designed for outdoor spaces

It was designed to be compatible with Danver‘s products, and is also available in ADA-compliant sizes.

Smaller outdoor spaces such as balconies and porches can also accommodate the kitchen and it can be integrated with additional appliances such as electric grills and cookers.


Outdoor collection by Very Simple Kitchen

“As the demand for outdoor living spaces continues to grow, homeowners are actively seeking ways to maximise these,” Danver told Dezeen.

The aluminium framework and stainless steel modules make the kitchen resistant to corrosion and weatherproof.

Various appliances can be integrated into the modules

“Durability is at the core of the kitchen’s design with features that mirror interior cabinets, including soft-close, stainless steel drawers, and powder coated aluminium frames,” said Danver.

“Magnets and gaskets on drawers create a solid closure in all conditions, including high winds from weather or rooftop installations, and a polished powder coat finish supports full-year use for year-round entertaining and enduring value.”

The countertop can include an induction hob

The kitchen was also designed to integrate an Invisacook induction hob, “providing the opportunity to incorporate cooking capabilities for spaces that may not have room for a grill or may not allow gas cooking”.

Cosmopolitan Kitchen was shortlisted in the product design (bathroom and kitchen) category of Dezeen Awards 2022. Other projects in the running include a collection of brightly coloured taps and an outdoor shower that can be connected to a typical garden hose.

The photography is by Danver.

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