Dealing with Depression through ART

Art has a powerful role to play not only in bringing pleasure to spectators or creators but also looking at and understanding the less desirable darker aspects of art and humanity.

Depression is a serious problem. Dealing with it is complex, no pill is going to “cure” you and glib phrases like; “buck up”, “snap out of it”, and “remain positive”, are not going to help. I don’t have answers, I know something that greatly helps me, but it may not help others.

I love looking at the world’s great paintings

and discovering those that interest, excite, and intrigue me. Artworks that make me feel good and bring joy and happiness. Engaging with art can certainly distract and calm the senses and decrease anxiety and pain giving a much welcome respite from worries. It offers a haven to protect from a return to feeling low.

Engaging with art and looking at paintings is a joyful pleasure with many benefits: – It brings joy and happiness, relieves stress, and dispels worries. It is relaxing and calming, increasing well-being for a happier, healthier life and a feeling of contentment. The mind clears creating a meditative state focusing thought. It encourages creative and critical thinking, building self-worth and confidence developing positive attitudes bringing the reward of achievement.

You don’t have to be artistic or have the talent to take part, people of all ages can benefit from it.


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