Delta Investment Tracker unveils two game-changing features: Leadership Moves and Delta Direct

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GHENT, Belgium, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Delta Investment Tracker, the multi-asset investment management tool, is proud to announce the launch of two new features that empower investors and enhance transparency in the financial world: Leadership Moves and Delta Direct.



Leadership Moves: Making informed investment decisions

Delta PRO users can now gain exclusive access to the Leadership Moves feature, a powerful tool that provides insights into transactions filed by senior executives, directors, and major shareholders of companies. This invaluable data is sourced from CityFalcon, our personalised financial and business news provider. Insiders often have predetermined transactions or forms of employee compensation that are not the most insightful. On the other hand, informative transactions can reflect the insider’s positive or negative sentiment about their company’s prospects. By distinguishing informative transactions from non-informative ones, Delta helps users identify insider sentiments that can significantly impact their investment strategies. Whether it’s a show of confidence or caution, Leadership Moves equips users with essential insights. Moreover, Delta goes the extra mile by notifying users of all informative transactions for assets they follow, ensuring they never miss a beat when it comes to crucial activity.

Delta Direct: Direct insights from companies & token teams

In a move towards increased transparency and investor empowerment, Delta now offers Delta Direct, to all users. This feature makes it much easier to view key information from the company by accessing it directly from the Delta app and getting notified when something important happens in the companies you follow or you’re interested in. 

Users can now view press releases, earnings calls, quarterly/annual reports, financial statements, and other crucial documents directly on the asset detail screen & via push notifications. This direct access to key company information enables investors to make more informed decisions and stay updated on the latest developments. Delta Direct for Stocks is the perfect complement to Delta Direct for Crypto, where individual token teams can post updates directly via a dedicated dashboard, boosting transparency within the crypto space.

Nicolas Van Hoorde, CEO of the Delta Investment Tracker, comments: “The introduction of Delta Direct and Leadership Moves embody our commitment to transparency and empowering investors. . Both tools are designed to give retail investors direct access to key information that will help their investment decision making process.” 

About Delta Investment Tracker

Delta Investment Tracker is a pioneering multi-asset investment management tool that provides investors with real-time insights into their entire portfolio. Based in Ghent, Belgium, this innovative smartphone application seamlessly connects with crypto wallets and stock portfolios, presenting users with a convenient and user-friendly overview that showcases the total value of their assets at a glance.

Since its inception in 2017, Delta has helped over 5 million investors worldwide to make more informed investment decisions effortlessly. In 2019, Delta was acquired by trading and investing platform eToro.




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