Design Isn’t Flat, It’s Lustrous

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We know that the future of design is bright. Designers impact every aspect of our lives, from defining brand and campaign strategy to selecting a color palette and just the right paper, packaging, video, or app. More than ever before, designers hold the keys to how we interact with products, communicate effectively, and inspire change.

And, as designers advance their influence, they’re exploring new techniques, materials, and processes and embracing a luxurious bounty of styles – incorporating shine, color, and fluidity to create images that catch and keep the eye. Maybe it feels a little more grown-up or dressed up, but the exuberance we’re seeing across the design world is a welcome pick-me-up for the senses.

From every angle, the future of design looks lustrous, and we love it. Submit your design project to the 2024 PRINT Awards and share some that shine with the rest of us.

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